We had just completed our reports that consist of the intel for each of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  You can view the latest Condo and townhome reports for the SCV cities via slide share at our Santa Clarita housing market website.

Santa Clarita Valley Housing marketThis report on this page is all about the Homes - Single Family Homes and residences.  All of the housing with those types of configurations are included.

We have been watching as the Single Family residences is joining the same plight as the condos and townhomes, lacking inventory and prices having increased during the past several weeks, only to start to slow that roll.

We have more flat price trends and reductions that we have experienced during the past several weeks than we have since our market started gaining steam.

However, sellers are still in pole position.  They are not weak but strong. However, their days on the market are still on the "lower than average" side as it relates to a "healthy" real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Be safe - search well and let us know when you are ready to MOVE, we will be glad to be of assistance at REMAX of Valencia CA, The Paris911 Team.