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We have been representing home buyers and home sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities since 1998 and have found that homes located on culdesac streets are really preferable by a majority of the home buyers if they have a choice that is.

There are several types of homes and some that home buyers gravitate to are those that are located on busy streets. Having something to do with the calmness they feel when they hear a high volume of traffic noise. I get this, for we lived on a very busy street and the sound, after a time, became very soothing. After we moved from that home and started life on a culdesac street, it took a while to get used to.

Every little sound became something bad, we finally fell into place. Hey - don't forget - home is where the heart is and I want to be her to make the introduction for you and yours.

Let me talk a bit about homes on culdesac streets starting with what they are since we covered how you are able to find them in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Cul-De-Sac, some hyphenate the word and some don't. But a Culdesac street is considered one with a sort of bulbous end that terminates at its conclusion point. There is no go through traffic because at the end of the culdesac you will find homes as if situated in a pie type of configuration - or at least 3/4 of a pie.

The beginning of a culdesac street is typically regular street width.

The attraction of a home located on a culdesac street in the Santa Clarita Valley is going to be one of 'proposed' safety. The typical thought process is that the "culdesac" portion of the street can be used by kids to play and adults to perform certain neighborhood activities like large neighborhood barbeques.

This is exactly the case, but don't presuppose that cars and their drivers driving too fast for comfort won't enter your culdesac. I have seen many a street without a pass-through portion have that small fluorescent kid-modeled plastic signs denoting for traffic to slow down, kids at play here.

This may be an indication that not all culdesac streets are something that you'd expect, safer than other streets. Just a thought. I have also seen, to make you aware, donut tire marks located in culdesac streets.

Some of the local residents or their friends or those who may want to show off sometimes use culdesac streets to perform donuts in the vehicles or motorcycles. This is dangerous and will create problems for those who make the culdesac their home. Utilizing engine power to break looks the vehicle's tires is a really dangerous situation when done in a residential setting.

Another word for a culdesac street for some that choose to show off are also known as "dead ends". If this happens, be diligent and report these people to the local law enforcement agency to have them cited or jailed.

Culdesac streets afford some with a better feeling of personal security. There is only one way into a culdesac street and that is by the street leading in, for the most part. Of course, someone can cut across the yards from the other streets in the area to get onto the culdesac street, but that is not most of the criminal's desire due to the elevated chance of being caught.

We currently live on a culdesac street and the homes behind ours are elevated. If those homeowners were to walk to the end of their yard, they are able to look down and view our yard in its entirety, except for the areas which are blocked by the trees.

I was BBQing after we first moved in when I heard voices from a few people standing at the property line to the home up the hill, behind ours. They were welcoming me to the neighborhood and knew my name. I'm in real estate, what can I say. However, it did leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable, I have to admit.

Food for thought. If you are living on a culdesac street that is elevated above those around you, I could not think of a better situation. But, having that available when you are ready to buy can be a bit difficult. We had certain tradeoffs like numbers of bedrooms, location and square footage to consider. Those needs over-rode the other homes that may have been located on culdesac streets which were elevated higher than the others around them.

I was LAPD for quite a while and I knew for certain that most criminals don't want to tangle with the logistics of capering, committing a crime, on a culdesac street home. There is only one way to exit after they finish and that is where local law enforcement will be responding from. This is a no-win scenario for the bad guys of today.

Most of the criminals like the freeway or nearby major street access so they have a longer runway to use when trying to make their escape.

Most of the homes that we sell are close to nearby culdesac streets. Which should go without saying, but I wanted to indicate it just in case you weren't aware.

The real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley, once you get into the various neighborhoods has the larger streets leading to the neighborhood entrance, then after you get into the specific neighborhood you start to encounter one larger street giving access to their various culdesac streets with additional residences on them.

The homes that are on the entire street, leading to the culdesac, as long as there is not another street intersecting, is considered as being located on a culdesac street. This is because those people are able to walk down to the culdesac and utilize it for themselves, their children and attend those events being held as a result of living in the neighborhood.

If you are ready for my assistance in locating the culdesac home you are desiring, reach out via the contact form below. I'm Connor MacIvor, I have been a local realtor here in the Santa Clarita Valley since 1998.


Some of the other considerations of homes pertaining to culdesac streets have to do with those having multiple culdesacs. These are homes that are situated with a single entrance that branches off into multiple culdesacs. Kind of like a stick of broccoli. The stalk is the main street and the various branches to the floret the various culdesac's.

Neighborhood configurations like these are not super common in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, but there are some to be found by those whom we are representing with Santa Clarita real estate.

When buying a home on a culdesac street within the Santa Clarita Valley it is even more important for you to do your due diligence and speak with the neighbors before you get too far into escrow.

We speak with our clients and want them to door knock each of their neighbors, those who are going to have or could have an impact in their living in the neighborhood. This is very important and often overlooked until it's too late.

When doing this, you will want to go to each home that is nearby on the culdesac. You want to introduce yourself and those who are going to be living with you in the home that you are buying. You will want to ask questions like if they like the neighborhood if you could go back in time, what do you wish you would have of known before buying here? Questions such as these will have you on your way to finding the neighbor that will tell you everything about all of those who live on the culdesac street.

So and so is a cop, that guy works for UPS, I'm not sure that they do down there, they just moved in. Things like that. If there is a troubled neighbor, it's good to know that going in. You will find that when you start doorknocking.

Another thing you will want to do early within escrow is to seek out the local law enforcement organization. Here in the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we have the local County of Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. They are who you'd call when considering buying a home in one of the Santa Clarita Valley cities on a culdesac or any street. You want to tell them who you are and that you are in escrow on the home located at 12345 anywhere street, Valencia CA, 91355. Ask them who you would speak with about current crime statistics and the calls for service encountered in the general area.

You may find out that the Deputy that answered the phone is going to be your best source of crime information. They may have a special location recorded in close proximity to the home you are buying on the culdesac street. Maybe they have a person that keeps coming and banging on the door of his X wife's home. They could also have issues with loud parties and a drummer that won't stop drumming during the early hours of the morning on Saturdays.

Sometimes the person who answered the phone at the Sheriff's department will direct you to speak with a local detective or a something called the Senior Lead Deputy or another type of deputy that is the main patrol force within a particular geographical area and who is assigned to the local neighborhood car.

It would be them that have the intel in the neighborhood. Maybe the property is located nearby to the housing which may attract those of the criminal element and they break into cars. Maybe the home is a direct path from a clinic to an area where people are living outdoors and they show a high incidence of burglary.

Something I would also advise you to do is download one of the many crime apps and access Megan's law database before you get too deep into escrow with a Santa Clarita Valley culdesac home. You are most likely not to find anything of an issue. But it's nice knowing.

I have been stating time and time again, "before you get too deep into escrow". I'm referring to being at the very beginning before you spend any money on the home inspection or appraisal. Do this early.

  • Door knock the neighbors.
  • Call the local law enforcement officials.
  • Visit the property late at night to listen and look.
  • Access Megan's law database.
  • Look for the local Crime Statistical App you can download.

If you also are going to be dependent on local schools for kids, you are going to want to call those specific schools to make sure your kids are going to be able to attend, if that is what you wish. Don't trust that just because you are moving to a particular address that is currently serviced by the school that your kids will be given access.

Sometimes the schools are full up and the new applicants go elsewhere. Just call, get a name of who gave you the information, and then follow up with them at the email you asked for to be certain what they told you was the truth.

These steps when buying a culdesac home or any home will prove to be invaluable. I cannot tell you how many strange incidents have occurred during the investigation phase of our home buyers buying real estate.

We even had one of our home buyers encounter an X spouse whom they had a restraining order against. The restraining order was still in full effect and the X lived next door to the home they were buying. They would have never known unless they did what I asked and doorknocked the neighbors.

Glad they knew upfront and before they were moving in.

I'm Connor MacIvor, I want your real estate business when you are ready. I'm all about protecting and serving my real estate clients needs. I will be there for you and yours when you are ready to make your next move in what I call Santa Clarita real estate.

Contact me when ready and I'll take great care of you.

I'm Connor T. MacIvor and I was LAPD for a long time, 23 years total. I've been in real estate in an overlapping way since 1998. The full-time end of our real estate business started in 1999 when Paris MacIvor entered into the real estate business. After that point, the rest was, as they say, history!

Be safe - search well and make sure you are only working with top real estate professionals. I'll be here for you and yours.