Good morning, evening or afternoon. I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor and after commenting about a real estate brokerage taking a stand and offering a proposal to the National Association of Realtors I feel better. Check out my Facebook Page for more where I posted that comment.

If you are a real estate agent you understand the fight all too well. The real estate listing agent used to have more control of their own listings. This was the case until the real estate syndication websites started to flood the real estate market finding another way to monetize themselves. Generating leads from those listing agent's listings and selling them back to the agents willing to pay for them. Even if those agents were not the listing agent.

"It seemed like they took over during a dark, moist evening while we were asleep..."

Turns out the listings were not being "given up" by the boards of Realtors. No, it seems they still have the rank and file agent's best ideals in mind.

No, the brokerage, the true owner of the real estate listing, they are those who agreed to allow their agent's real estate listings to "syndicate" across those new channels. Of course, the agents can not allow them to go that route with the home sellers approval and signature. Some real estate brokerages "opted out", like one in San Diego, which was a noble stand. There are out's - but most agents are working toward the next closing, instead of taking the time to drill down to the bottom of what is happening.

Before I start sounding like a crazy person, too many head injuries on that Police Motorcycle, I'm going to move onto the Santa Clarita real estate News.

Santa Clarita real estate news

Today, as of this AM, in the Santa Clarita active listing arena, we have 582 homes that are currently in the active status. These are homes which are not within a contract. 11 of those homes had been added today and you can also see that some agents are already scheduling their open houses for future public interest. As an aside, if you remember you will see that I have built a link to a page within our Santa Clarita real estate site that is updated several times per hour, showing all of the open houses being held, and upcoming within the Santa Clarita real estate communities.

During an open house, be wary of giving up any personal and private information. I tell my clients if you want to go it without me, no problem, just let the hosting agent know I'm representing you. Then I also add, I consider showing a real estate listing, during an open house, as a regular showing. I attend Santa Clarita open houses with my clients and am never too busy to do so.

There is also a Foreclosure that popped up, having just been listed today, in Circle J Ranch Estates.

14 of the real estate listings showing currently on the MLS system have been added on Yesterday, June 26, 2018. That goes in line with the average listing rate for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. I include all property types when giving our Santa Clarita real estate overview so a fuller picture is able to be painted for my clients best understanding.

The current Santa Clarita real estate market is continuing to advance with higher prices month after month. Since the last interest rate hike, we did not experience much of a slow down as school was ending and summer "officially" kicked off in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. I'm going to opine a slight market correction after the FED meets again during the end of July early August - we are going to experience a more of a flattening of real estate prices throughout the first quarter of 2019. I'm also going to state we are going to increase our average real estate inventory by an additional 200 units within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

I've been representing real estate clients, both buyers, and sellers since 1998. I have seen agents come and go. I have also been Blessed to have met some that operate as I do. Those who'd never throw their real estate clients under the bus. Always present to explain the process and to give updates even when they are not necessary. I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be at your Santa Clarita real estate service.

For more information, I do syndicate a real estate radio show where I speak about current real estate and housing market conditions that persist and those which are going to be taking over the future of real estate. I also have many online resources that assist my home buyers and home sellers with regard to doing the figuring and searching for homes online, just to keep in the know.

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