Treadmill Repair services Santa ClaritaParis and I have a Treadclimber TC5000 that is going on 4.5 years old.  It was not one of those Treadmills that turned into an expensive clothes hangers.  We actually use our TC5000 frequently.  We are not "fanatics", but it has not become our latest "laundry hanger" either.

I had a feeling that we were on borrowed time. In fact, the last time that I went into the Garage to work out on the Tread Climber I thought to myself, first mistake :-) , "boy, this machine is doing great..".

That is where everything went awry  That was the last time it worked until I Googled Santa Clarita Treadmill Repair and found Pro Tread Systems on the first page of Google.

I did not know what to expect, as you might understand, when purchasing "services" on line.  I was away dropping the "children" off at school when Paris called and said Mike was at our residence working on our machine.

I arrived home shortly thereafter and went into our Garage and Mike was hard at work on the Treadclimber TC5000.

I thanked him for being punctual and they he started explaining about my Tread Climber and the best ways to have it serviced, for future reference.  He also gave me a diagnosis and fixed the issue I was having with my treadmill.  In case you are wondering, the machine was not working at all before his arrival.

He did a complete diagnosis, he lubricated the machine, tightened all of the bolts, realigned the treadles and belts, then tested it by using it as it was intended.

We talked about his business and his service philosophy.  You will be able to hear Mike from Pro Tread Gym Services on our Santa Clarita Radio Show soon!

Great Experience!!!

Mike can be reached at (818)301-3112 and by visiting his website for Treadmill Repair Services at