Depending on where you live will dictate how "easily" you will be able to join into one of the many Paseos in the Santa Clarita Valley. Paseos are synonymous with walking trails and running paths.

I remember when I was a New LAPD Cop. We trained exclusively at the Elysian Park LAPD Police Academy. This is where all the preceding LAPD recruit classes would meet, as well as class 10/90 (mine). Today Elysian Park is used for in-service personnel - there is an Olympic pool and awesome weight room straight out of Muscle Beach. There are a couple of shooting ranges and of course "discipline". If you ask a recruit who became an LAPD cop before the police academies were changed what "discipline" was, they would look at you with fear in their eyes. It was only the steepest and windiest road that went all the way to the top of the Police Academy climbing from Academy Road all the way up. Kind of like Stairway to Heaven(Baxter Street) - Which was a doorway to an entirely new kind of pain :)

The "staff" Drill Instructors DI, Physical Training PT, and others who had complaints as to how "salty" a recruit class had become would use this hill to "discipline" the class. We had to run it from Academy Road to the Top and do it again until the instructors were satisfied we had vomited enough.

Elysian Park, like many parks, has tons of trails. These trails were used by most of the DI's - Drill Instructors to tune up their classes.

There was a lot of dust, drama, yelling and just the right amount of motivation.

Santa Clarita Valley - Valencia is a master planned community consisting of some AWESOME running trails, walking paths and bicycle venues. Some of which go on for miles allowing for the user to get a super workout without having to interface with vehicular traffic.

One of my favorites - which I use every day when I'm not away are the paths close to Summit Park.

Before we moved to the Valencia Summit we lived in Bridgeport and I loved another GEM of a walking, running and bicycling path was along Newhall Ranch Road, behind the Starbucks the trail splits to the right - South Eastern and interfaced with a Park - If you continued you'd arrive at a HUGE bridge which steeply switches back and climbs to Newhall Ranch Road close to Golden Valley.

Of course, they are very popular and people are friendly, always returning a head nod or wave. Some looked shocked when I wave, I'm just getting them on board :)

Here are the other Paseo Maps including a link to the interactive Paseo Map for Santa Clarita Valley.

Overall Santa Clarita and Valencia Paseo/Trail Map PDF

City of Santa Clarita Paseo Page with complete park listings.

Within the real estate channels, we have our searches for those homes, condos, and townhomes which are for sale with easy access to the Paseos. It just depends where you want to live and if your selection is location dependent on the Paseos.

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