What is the "legal description" of a town-home?  Actually, Town-home is not a term that is agreed upon by the "experts".  But in today's world, when we are speaking with our clients and they are wanting to know the difference between a town-home and a condominium we tell them this:

Town-home - "A town-home has more than one level of living space..."  Versus a Condo, which is reflective of a single level apartment.  Usually town-homes have attached garages.  Most town-homes have a very small yard or private space.  Town-homes are usually located within Home Owners Controlled Association communities.  The Exterior of the complex is usually maintained by the Homeowners Association, so there is very little maintenance needing to be done.

We have some very nice town-home communities in the Santa Clarita Valley.  There are Town-homes for sale in almost every city.  I will place all of the townhomes on this page for you to view.

Everything below is current and on the Santa Clarita Real Estate market right this minute.

With Town-homes, sometimes the HOA dues covers Insurance, trash and sometimes water.  Most of the common areas are kept green, clean and functional by the Home Owners Association.  The living could be a bit more constrictive and you may not be as "free" to do what you would like, such as park a 40' motor home in front of your unit.  The clients that come to our team to buy Town-homes really enjoy those types of living arrangements and restrictions.

If you want to look at Foreclosed and Bank Owned Town Homes - We have that resource on our SCV Foreclosure Website.

Below are the newest Town-homes for sale on the Santa Clarita Town-home market.  This map and list will update several times per hour - so bookmark this page or remember to type the word - townhomes - into our MacBOX.

Here are all of the town-homes across Southern California:

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