When working on a short sale, we need to have updated financials, at the bank's request, ready to submit.

That is why in our "Short Sale Briefing" we stress to our clients that some of the banks are completely unreasonable.

What is in your short sale agents tool box?

Sometimes their requests come at the very last minute. It seems to happen during the last few days of every month, more often than during other parts of the month.

Could that be where the Short Sale conspiracy starts? Who knows, all I know is we need to all be prepared to react with regard to these last minute requests by the Banks and their Short Sale Departments.

We are the local realtors for the Santa Clarita short sales. We can assist you with making the decision with regard to whether or not you should be short selling.

We also have one upped the competition and hired a direct, in office, short sale negotiator. She even has her own business cards :) - that means she is on our direct team and is not a third party negotiator hired for a percentage and located "off site". paris911.com/team - look for Sarah McNeeley

BTW - if you are hiring a real estate agent to negotiate your short sale - one of the things you are going to notice on the CAR forms related to short sales and short selling is Negotiators are usually needing to be licensed real estate agents, ours is!

You may want to ask the agent you are hiring for proof of that with whom they are using to negotiate their Santa Clarita short sales, just in case they aren't.