It usually comes across in blazing and bright text, or even maybe on a Video you are watching after searching the internet for Santa Clarita Short Sale Agents. You will see it proudly proclaimed, "We will Short Sale your home for FREE!"  "At No Charge to You!"

"Seriously, wow - that is such a deal..." - Sarcasm stops now :-)

Santa Clarita realtorsThe bank is the one that pays the Short Sale Agent's Fee when it comes to the commission to be earned.  See Santa Clarita Short Sale Trick number 1.


So what is the problem when someone builds their entire Short Sale Expert pitch around "Short Selling your home for Free?"  Nothing, but you have to think about the "silliness factor".

What could be the agent's motivation? I would rather advertise how short sale works, or what about what a short sale is?  What about the experiences that we have had when dealing with the bank with regard to Short Selling our Clients Properties?

What to watch out for and how to keep safe in the short sale process.  Those are key components of adding value to being a Santa Clarita Short Sale Expert.

It reminds me of a time my dad and I went to buy a car.  I must have been about 12 years old.  

My dad walks into a local car dealership, an apparently hungry and fast talking salesman comes to his aid.  Introductions were made and pleasantries were exchanged between my dad and the salesman.

After some negotiation was done and the "test drive" of course, it came to the point of "how much".  So I watched as the salesman and my dad went back and forth.  The salesman armed with his "talking pad".  My Dad armed with his "wanting the most value at the least cost code".  So the battle continued.

At the conclusion of my dad and the salesman bantering back and forth - a price was written down on the salesman talking pad by my Dad.  My Dad indicated to the salesman that was his(my dads) "bottom line".

The salesman looked at the figure that was written in bold writing and circled on the talking pad.  He looked at my dad and said, "Mr. MacIvor, I will try to do what I can, I need to go back to my manager.  I know one thing for certain, to "give" you this car at that price is going to really cut into the dealership financially."  "But I will try to see what I can do."

A Few minutes later the salesman returned, "Mr. MacIvor, after long and tense deliberations and with the manager looking at where the dealership was financially, looking at my production and looking at you as a repeat customer, they are willing to do it.  But you understand, this deal is going cause some hardship to the dealership, don't you?"

Looking back - if the salesman would not have gone in to Patting himself on the back so very hard, my Dad might have bought the car.  However, he had to add that last sentence, "But you understand, this deal is going cause some hardship to the dealership, don't you?"

My Dad said, "I am so sorry for being a burden to you and the dealership, I really wanted to buy a car today, but in good faith I cannot purchase the car any longer.  It would have an emotional effect that I may not be able to overcome..."  "Have a good day..."

With a "sullen" look on my dad's face, he left the salesman's office.  The salesman was at a loss for words.

My dad not have to say anything but give me that "grin" as we left the dealership's showroom.  I got it.