The internet.  It's a HUGE place.  In fact, never before in history has someone been able to carry around the knowledge of the world in their pocket.  I bet you have it in your pocket too.  All the worlds knowledge - in the Wiki Way, is available on your smart phone with a wi-fi or some other type of internet connection. SEO in Santa Clarita CA

More and more people are searching online for all types of businesses, services and products.  When was the last time you went to a store to seek out a product before inquiring on-line?  

SERP - Search Engine Results Pages.  This is where the rubber meets the road with regard to people searching online.  When someone types in your type of business, product or service the only way they are going to get to your business is if you have an online presence or if you pay for it.

Organic Results Pages - When your potential customers search online for your type of business, service or product, they will get many results within Bing, Google and on the other search engines.  If you have done it "right" you are going to be one of the results that will direct these searchers back to your website and brand.  If you have not done it right, you may be buried deep in the results - in some cases hundreds of pages are standing in between your potential client making the connection between your business and your website.

Pay Per click - Remember when I mentioned that you could pay for it?  You can.  You can get Google Adwords or pay for a listing on Bing. So when people search for your type of business, service or product, you will be at the top of the SERP's or along the right side(google referenced).  There is space for three pay per click (sponsored) ads at the top of the results pages.  There is also room for others along the right side of the page and some at the bottom of the page as well.  The farther down your business appears on the sponsored results, the less you are paying. (you can do this yourself - more posts about this to come - subscribe now :) )

If you sell insurance and want to get on the top of the Sponsored ads on Bing or Google, you better take out a loan.  If you are selling used squirrel parts, you may not need to implement a pay per click campaign because of lack of competition with regard to that endeavor.

Thanks for reading and sharing.  I will cover topics on how you can start building an on-line presence with your business and what you can do to make your "already existing" one better and rank higher.  Make sure you subscribe to our Tips for Business newsletter about SEO techniques.  

FYI - I'm not a SEO, I am not an internet marketing guru.  I am a Realtor that have a tech savvy approach to selling our sellers homes and building our Paris911 Brand on-line.  This is FREE and I will never ask you to buy a home from me or here me asking for permission to sell yours :)