When folks are searching on line for real estate for sale, it is hard to forget one of the most recognized brands in the Real Estate Representation world.  That wouldREMAX of Santa Clarita be RE/MAX.

We are with RE/MAX and for that very reason and consider it to be the best real estate company.  As does every single real estate agent, we had a choice in the beginning and still do to this day, with regard with what company we work with.

We have not Strayed from RE/MAX and are happy with their Business Model and the way this 1200 pound gorilla protects our Clients from harm. (RE/MAX is usually referenced as being the 800 lb Gorilla - I think 1200 Pounds sounds nicer)

Let me  clarify a point I made in the Second paragraph - in the second sentence.  "As does every single real estate agent..." - Every single real estate agent might want to work for RE/MAX - However, it is not that easy, some will not be accepted - failing to pack the gear to serve in the Real Estate Trenches with RE/MAX.

RE/MAX is in a position to be selective.  That is something that we appreciated when working with the Police Department on a full time basis.  It was the "best of the best" hired to protect and serve the Citizens of Los Angeles.  That gave me as being a member of that department a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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