Yelp... "maybe you have heard of this review site :)  Some of the realtors post their reviews that their "clients" write on their personal websites and on their blogs.   It has hard to deduce if those are coming from actual "happy clients" or mom :)

We posted the yelp reviews on our Relocation Blog with REMAX because they were posted on yelp but are not on the main Yelp Review page (read below for the answer to the why of that question).

That is why we have a soft spot for Yelp.  You see - we have only three reviews showing.  However, we have over 20 total. But  a majority of those 20 are not "typical" yelpers.  In fact, yelp is not looking for the 'one hit wonder' yelper when they write us a review. They want active yelpers to write us reviews. 

While most of our clientele do not frequent Yelp at this time, more and more are starting to.  After a phone conversation with a Sales Person from yelp - it made sense.

Lately, we have received quite a few calls as a result of being on Yelp and taking care of our business page.  We have uploaded property photos that we are selling for our Santa Clarita Real Estate sellers.  We updated all of our contact and website information. We then took our Yelp at REMAX of Santa Clarita Page and started to publish it on-line within our blogs and websites.

It is nice to review businesses that we frequent on Yelp. It helps them and it helps us.  Be Safe - Please click on the preceding link to check out our most recent Yelp Review for our Paris911 Real Estate team in Santa Clarita California.

Here is one of the properties fitting for those of you that are considering relocating to Stevenson Ranch CA - this home has at least 4 bedrooms and is priced under 1 million dollars.  Most of the residential real estate in Stevenson Ranch is freeway friendly, close to schools, shopping and entertainment centers.  Be Safe and let us know when you are ready for us to Move You :)

[idx-listings city="Stevenson Ranch" maxprice="1000000" minbeds="4" statuses="1" orderby="DateAdded" orderdir="DESC" count="1" showlargerphotos="true"]