It is such a pleasure working in the real estate profession, especially when we get to do fancy stuff like the embedded audio with real estate updates, like the one on this page.  We do video and love to film while driving.  Today, with wanting to relocate to or from the Santa Clarita cities, the most important thing is "accountability".  Make sure who you are hiring is accountable.  Searching on line will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.  Do a search for Locksmiths or Movers. You will see that most of the google results, bing, yahoo etc, are for "referral companies".  Those companies that make a living and get a cut when referring to "non verified and non reviewed" Movers and Locksmiths.

It's kind of like subcontracting.  If you own a home and need to do an addition.  You can hire a contractor that will get it completed from start to finish.  The entire "baby" is in their capable hands.  However, if you want to hire the different "contractors or labor" to do each aspect of the room addition - you can save money.  And when working with those "sources", accountability is totally in your control.Most times when you go with the source - there is much more accountability.  You can get upset with a specific company or service provider.  Instead of having some of your most prized possessions damaged with no where to turn.

Be Safe - let us know if we can help you.  We happen to know Santa Clarita moving companies that are actual moving companies where accountability is their number one concern.