Most people consider relocation to take place more faster than it actually does.  However, that will depend on if the person being relocated is being backed by a Human Relations Department.  Also, it will depend on the "corporate benefits" and their position with the company.the main Santa Clarita real estate website

If the person being relocated is a top level executive - they are not concerned with the price of the home they are buying.  It typically is part of the agreement and any difference in amount owed - amount worth - etc, is picked up by the "corporation".

But, if you are not in that League.  No worries - most are not :) Typically, any other person or persons relocating are going to want to rent for a bit.  May I suggest to sign a 6 month rental then to start looking for properties being sold short? click here to see the local real estate rental inventory

Depending on the bank or banks - will depend on the closing time frame.  We have become pretty good at the "estimate" of approval with most of the major banks.  We pass this along to our clients in the form of intel.  They "get it" when we do our recon about how many payments have been missed to day, has a notice of default been filed, are the owners making other arrangements for a place to stay, and who is the second lien holder - if any???

The advantage of using a Remax Relocation realtor that is a Top Producing Short Sale Expert is that they know the in's and out's of Short Sales. They are better equipped to guide you through the process of Relocation - whether you are looking to secure a foreclosure, regular sale or a short sale.  check out our Short Sale Website

BEST Real Estate Relocation Systems and Recon is key to any and all real estate transactions.  It is important to get your ducks aligned - circle your wagons - align your signs - give continuous pressure, straight to the rear, achieving a surprise break. (sorry, LAPD Instructor...) :)

If you are relocating to or from the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - consider Short Sales when you are approaching real estate for sale and the entire relocation process.

Have a look at the current Short Sales in which we are working with with the procurement of buyers.


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