With the constriction in the amount of home inventory in Santa Clarita Cities - we have watched as all new listings get vast amounts of showings in the first few days.  If the property has been priced right - they have multiple offers, in some cases, within hours.  The "anger" point with some buyers, that remember past real estate markets, has to do with the fact that "The First offer In" does not mean anything.

Most sellers, Be them a Bank, Short Sale Sellers, Regular "equity" seller, investor, etc - will wait several days before "reviewing" offers.  They will then counter everyone or just the highest and best offers with asking if they want to increase their "original offer".  The current games being what they are, make sure you are well advised by your chosen real estate professional.

Although, this may make you think that you home purchase will be an impossibility, that is not the case.  There are "Strategies" that your real estate agent can implement to get you what you want.  (ask them for their personal real estate Game Plan for you! :-) )

We have placed our "inventory data" for the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley at the Links Below:

Resources for each of these reports is found - for future reference - by the utilization of the Number 1 Santa Clarita real estate resource, The MacboX.

"I dreamt of a way for the "real estate concerned" public to search for real estate by topical elements.  Keywords or key phrases involving the most important topics with regard to the Santa Clarita Home, and surrounding communities, market."

With regard to "inventory" - access provided is by typing that word -    inventory    - into the MacBoX.  You can also find this in the right margin on this SCV Home Blog!

Real Estate Santa Clarita report

10 New listings have entered the real estate market since our Santa Clarita market report that we published on this blog yesterday.

7 Price changes for the real estate that is currently for sale in the Cities That are within the SCV.  A majority of these properties were Short Sale in makeup.  Those same properties had accepted offers on them.  The human seller had executed the contract with the buyer. However, after the short sale was processed and ultimately approved, there were two occurrences.  1. The buyer continued to look at real estate for sale and found a different home to buy. 2. The Short Sale bank approved a price that was more than the originally "listed for" price.

Buying a short sale is a complex process.  Almost as "complex" as when Paris and I negotiate a Short Sale for our "short sale sellers'. That is why we are big advocates of developing a Game Plan with your real estate professional.

Get into their office and ask them the hard questions.  How long will it take to get me a home?  What about short sales, can you specifically search for those that have been approved and are available? How many buyers, during the past 6 months, have you represented in the purchase of a Short Sale?

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