As we approach our anniversary of Being Santa Clarita Realtors since 1998 - We reflect on the years past.  When considering how the Real Estate business has changed we are fascinated to discover that the Client's do not change. Meaning, clients still want value and a no smoke and mirrors approach to any and all of their real estate dealings.

As Santa Clarita Realtors - or Realtors in General - there is an entire Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that accompanies the Relationships established by being "licensed" as Realtors in the Real Estate industry.

As taken from the National Association of Realtors Website the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice states

Hiring a Santa Clarita Realtor

I am constantly getting hit up to provide a name and number of a quality agent in areas which I don't serve real estate. The reason is my California real estate radio show and podcast.

People like to get the real estate information from those of us who have our fingers and toes on the pulse within the particular real estate markets.