When the WWW, world wide web, first started being something that was being used by real estate buyers and sellers, we were one of the Santa Clarita real estate firstfirst Santa Clarita Realtor Teams that fully embraced it.

We did this by starting to blog about the importance of knowledge when it came to buyers and sellers of homes.

Santa Clarita realtors spoke about the way you can get the best deals when you borrow money on a home purchase.

At Paris911.com, we also started writing about the home buying and selling processes.

Both Paris and I did not want our clients left in the dark when it came to searching in the best ways, and selling homes in the best ways.

SCV661.com is our original blog, which had been blog.paris911.com. We decided to start a topical discussion of real estate and the "best practices".

During our real estate evolution, we moved from the bottom of the search engine result pages to the top.

We were in the number one position for Santa Clarita real estate and REMAX of Santa Clarita - REMAX of Valencia.

This is still the case with a multitude of search phrases when sellers and buyers are searching on google.

However, the change in the industry has been paramount by Zillow and Trulia.

They have agents writing on their platforms, with which I cannot keep up.

With hundreds of blog posts each day by the self serving realtors, that are churning out nonsense content hand over fist.

However, we still stay on top because of the quality of our content.

We have many buyers and sellers of real estate who sift through the online nonsense, only to digest and comment on what we are writing about the current Santa Clarita home market with amazing accuracy.

Remember this, if you are considering buying or selling Santa Clarita real estate, remember the team that started it first. That is us. Paris911.com.

Paris stands for Paris Macivor, the first full time member of our real estate team in 1999.

The 911 stands for Connor Macivor, Honorably retired LAPD cop, starting his part time stint in real estate in 1998.

Be safe and let them know when you are ready for their assistance with all of your Santa Clarita real estate needs.