I will say there was not a one of the 20ish Santa Clarita Realtors that is in any way "LAZY".  You would not have been able to pay the bills if you are a Real Estate agent still in business today and were not a mover and shaker.

Sometimes, with all of the competitiveness in Real Estate - it is nice to let your hair down (don't laugh - I'm bald), from time to time.

Paris is quite a coordinator - Blending her Facebook prowess and her relationships with other Real Estate Agents in the Santa Clarita Valley - to a "Vendor Free" night out at one of the Local Restaurants.

Rocky Coennen with REMAX and his dearly loved wife were one of the first couples to arrive at our SCV Gala Event.

Realtors of SCV

It was a great time, and it was the date the Lakers lost to the Heat - I am not a follower of Basketball - but a good friend of mine is.  He and his wife were present as the Heat won over the "Los Angeles Lakers".  Elgin is a Laker Fan - His Beloved....  Well, she is a fan of the Miami Heat - Needless to say, she was really overjoyed by the win.

Cat and Paul, another great couple of Realtors at Keller Williams VIP properties were also present for this event. Robert and Brian from the SCV Agents Team at Realty Executives seemed to have a great time as did Liz Zamudio from Keller Williams.

A long time partner (not what you might be thinking - on the PD we call those we work with "partners" :-) and his wife, Gary and Jennifer Ricco graced the group as well.  Deanna Revitti with KW was also snapping photos with a camera that was doing a great job adding 10 pounds to me :-(...  Next time, I'll bring the "skinny" camera.

Tripp Jones was his Fantastic Self, he had just come from the mall with his favorite cologne that I am wanting Paris to buy for me...  Hint - Hint - nudge - nudge...  Maryam Beshid, from KW was on scene for this great event.  Alesha Hensley from REMAX complemented the event as well.

Please comment and Forward to anyone else you want to be on the invite listIf I missed anyone (please comment below - and please be gentle!!!) - This is a Total Recall from the 11th of March - Date I'm writing is the 28th - And I must advise you that I have had a Major Head Injury and have a date for my Alive Day 08/12/1995... :-)

For the Next Event - Stay Tuned to Paris' Facebook - Become her Friend, I did and look where it got me????? <----You must be logged into FaceBook for this link to work... (No Stalkers Please, I still know a trick or two...)

Did we solve the world's issues?  Were we able to cure world hunger or stop disease?  Negative, but by the more personal relationships that this Event Fostered, we were able to bring a sense of calm to a otherwise "cut throat" and competitive industry as is Real Estate.

***ACCOLADES!!! We have to give to Manny, one of the managers of the Lazy Dog, some SUPER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, for not calling the Sheriff's on our unruly bunch...  Manny's attention to his customers is always above reproach...

Wes was our Server and he was exceedingly patient and able to understand the group as the night went on and some of us started speaking in "tongues".  He also seems to be a MMA(mixed martial arts) follower - I'm just glad someone was there to reset my shoulder :-) - JK...

BTW - I am glad they keep the bathrooms so clean - you could say, in some cases, the floors received a closer than normal inspection :-).....