Santa Clarita real estate sellers and home buyersThe current Santa Clarita real estate market is deep in a seller's zone. Meaning that we are in a seller's real estate market where sellers are calling most of the shots.

Most of the advantage goes to the home sellers during a market like this because they have no other listings to compete with.

In those neighborhoods, there are very few real estate listings for sale at the same time.

All in the Santa Clarita Valley have been correlated by their particular city. Below are the two by Valencia Zip Codes.

Valencia CA Market Report Zip Code 91355

Valencia CA Market Report Zip Code 91354

(as an aside, I have generated market reports for each neighborhood, zip code, and city area within the Santa Clarita Valley. If you want to see what is happening in Tesoro, I can send you the report. If you are interested in Bridgeport or NorthBridge, I can send you each or both. I have data beyond that others have and really am a data-heavy realtor. There is truth in the factual numbers)

Hence, with the lack of inventory, there will only be one or possibly 2 homes for sale in the same area of a similar nature that had been built by the same builder.

During the offering phase, in most cases in a seller's real estate market the showing appointment is mostly automated. Selling agents don't want to have conversations with agents who are representing buyers. That is a shame and not the case 100%, but it's high.

There are things that have to be discussed with the listing agent in order to do my home buyer's due diligence at my top level of which I'm capable.

These automated showings started before the pandemic was called 03/2020. They have only gotten bigger. Then we just found out that one of the mega real estate syndication companies bought one of the showing platforms. Imagine that data breach?

So many more spam calls, connecting phone numbers with addresses and emails with both - that's like buying a list of names, phone numbers, and addresses back in the 1980s to sell those people land. 

The current market is not finished morphing. I will tell you this, if you have someone who wants to buy your home from you, they will tell you they are going to save you money on commissions. They are going to save you money on repairs, and they are going to save you money on what you'd have to pay for escrow and title insurance. Basically, their offer is going to be so good that you will not want to go the route of a traditional real estate agent and listing to sell your home.

Let me work the numbers. After they pitch you and give you their number, call me and let me tell you if it's a good deal or not.

PDF for Valencia CA real estate market report 03152021 zip code 91355

PDF For Valencia CA real estate market report 03152021 zip code 91354

(these are the PDF reports for the Valencia CA real estate market. I wanted to show our clients my data mining approach to real estate, this pays off big dividends for home sellers in my market that utilize my services and those buyers who are looking to have the best possible advantage in a seller's market when working with me.)

I have had clients do this with me and they are typically $70-100,000.00 too low in their offering price and the $$$ they save they will save you would cover that and more, putting more money in your pocket if you were to just have us sell your home traditionally.

And as far as the pitch regarding repairs and renovations. These are negotiated items folks. They are nothing to sweat over and in a seller's market buyers are not expecting much depending on their personal experiences.

So, sellers watch out for "we will buy your house" scams. 

Buyers, watch out for those "phone calls" and spam inquiries that have hunted you down on your social media.

Once you start asking questions to your friends on social media about real estate, you are going to be contacted. You will be sold to several, if not more service providers and your phone and email won't start filling up.

Some of those social media systems look as if they were built for our pleasure, but our pleasure equates to money and it's huge in amounts. You are worth more than you may know.

Current housing numbers in Santa Clarita Monday, March 15, 2021

  • Total Active listing 165
  • Total coming soon listings 29
  • Total number of homes that are in escrow 513
  • 81 homes sold in the past 7 days in all of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities
  • For my market update purposes: Santa Clarita consists of Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia.
  • I research all residential real estate, up to 4 units to 1. My Santa Clarita market data includes all Single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes, plus those multi-unit (which are not very common in the SCV)

This is very typical and has been the case since January of 2021. Not much is different in the Santa Clarita real estate market as compared to last year.

We still have low inventory. We still have the pandemic. We still have a massive refinance market for those of you who own real estate and have a mortgage on said real estate.

Some of the differences come in the way of the problems solved. There is a vaccine, that may allow homes to be held open again. However, I heard on the wire this AM that some countries are refusing it - a lot of big named countries, that may cause a wrinkle in the blanket for sure.

There are those people who are wanting to sell and move thinking about the refinance they just completed.

If you have been considering selling or buying a home for any time at all or if it's your first time pondering, call me directly on my cell phone 661.400.1720 we will schedule a meeting and I'll listen to you and what your needs are and do my very best to keep you protected and serve you in the best way possible.

For the current Santa Clarita home seller who is on the market or in escrow, speak with your agent regarding anything I have spoken about on the Top Blog for Santa Clarita CA.

For those of you who are not committed to a real estate agent, I'm here. My phone is all over the search engines. It's at the top of my Santa Clarita home experts website.

All you have to do is call or text. I'll take it from there.

Buyers in Santa Clarita real estate.

If you don't like who you are working with, get to the bottom of your "why".

Buyers are no longer getting the pick of the litter

There are certain "allowances" that are made in a seller's market by home buyers. The same works out in a Buyers market, with certain allowances that sellers have to make.

Those allowances in a home seller's market for a home buyer maybe the fact they need to reduce their inspection times in order to stay competitive with the other buyers. They may need to increase their initial deposit amount to show the seller their seriousness (there is more to explain with this one - ask when we meet), it could also be the home buyers wanted to waive their appraisal value and pay the difference between that the appraiser said and what the buyer offered, if the "offering" amount is higher.

If the one hits in this market, all a buyer can do is their best. They need to have a top negotiator hired as their agent, someone with a ton of experience in markets like this, and they need to have their financials all lined up in a row with their underwriter's approval letter in hand for the specific offering amount. They also need to have an agreement from their lender that their lender will call the listing agent who is representing the seller to have a conversation with them about how "overly qualified" the buyers are if that is the case.

After you do all of your due diligence and after you prepare in the right way to buy a home in a market such as this, if you don't get the home that you wanted, then it was not meant to be.

That is the way you have to accept it. Any other way is futile, I promise. We have been here before.

I'm Connor with Honor at REMAX and I'm the local Santa Clarita, home expert.

When you are ready reach out to me and I'll be by your side to protect and serve your real estate interests.

"Connor with HONOR, over and out!"