Paris and Connor MacIvor and our Santa Clarita Real Estate Team have sworn the following on behalf of ourselves and our clients:

  • We will be confidently upfront and honest with regard to ALL of your Real Estate needsThe Paris911 teams mission statement
  • Disclosures and Contracts are explained line by line with all Questions answered in full form
  • We will Provide access to all listings for sale - regardless of the commission offered
  • We give True comparable Single Family Residence, Condominium and Town-Home values, for buyers and sellers, established with factual data from the Local Sources - the Boards of Realtors
  • The Secure Protection of Clients Deposit - even if the client changes their mind with regard to the sale or purchase of Real Estate
  • Cancellation of Sellers Listings for any reason - as long as our sellers are not being placed at risk by being in contract with a buyer at the time of cancellation.
  • Protection and Security in all Real Estate Dealings

These seven tenants compose The Paris911 Team's mission statement.  Our core values have been explained in a very simplistic manner to ensure that you are getting the best Real Estate representation with the utmost in protection.

Simply stated, we treat our clients as we would like to be treated when we are dealing with one of the largest purchases or sales in our lives - We mandate our Team operates in the same fashion.  Without Pressure, Risk and Hassle - Santa Clarita Real Estate is our Business and our life.  We are Local Living and Breathing Real Estate Agents that are raising a family in the Santa Clarita Valley.

We want you to have the best experience possible when it comes to all Santa Clarita Real Estate endeavors you choose to embark upon.  The Paris911 Mission Statement exemplifies this fact.