Our latest installment of the Santa Clarita real estate show is coming directly to you from Anaheim. We are not doing business here, we are being good parents - for at least two days.

Our staff is poised to assist anyone that inquires - as we are still plugged in, so hence this update video and posting.

Santa Clarita home sales experts

I have been looking at the local market and have discovered that most real estate sellers are catching on when it comes to hiring a listing agent that has more on-line exposure for their listings.

In addition, some of the real estate agents are not talking about their own personal "rankings on-line". They are constantly talking about the Big Three the R, T and Z - (websites starting with those letters).

The only issue is they don't get all of those leads when it comes uploading those listings on line. They may get 10%... That is not much of a return to be pitching to a real estate seller in the Santa Clarita Valley.

But when a listing agent can show they come up on page 1 with most local searches that real estate buyers are conducting, you have an local Realtor that can get 100% return for their sellers due to the large amounts of buyers using and trusting their systems and brands.

REMAX has one heck of a presence in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. That is because there are two local REMAX offices in the SCV - REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia. We are members of both offices and serve our clients with the power they wield in the local market.

However, being associated with a Top End world wide brand is not enough. We had started to buying our Real Estate Search systems to show buyers our wares many years ago. Today, our Paris911 Brand outranks most of the large Syndication websites, 100% of the time, when people are searching for real estate at a local level.

In fact, most of our systems blog the local competition out of the water when it comes to search and the results contained in the Google Local Places Ads and the tops of the organic results.

Try it - see what you think. We have in excess of 30 keyword TLD blogs that have been built to serve our clients and our Niche Markets. TLD - top level domain names - not a subdomain as this blog is.

You get the gist - with our Niche's covered and with local search covered better - you have a winning combination when it comes to listing and selling real estate in the Greater Los Angeles areas.

I did not expect to get into a "pitch" today, call it being away that get's me giddy...