Santa Clarita real estate shows - And yes, I am retaining water :) - I need to start running again and practice some Push Aways..

Fitness Programs - What!!!

Push Aways - those are the things you do from the dinner table before you eat too much... :)

Running - You know very well what that is, something I need to be doing.

Meat and Potatoes of Search

When wanting to find the most relevant real estate listings that fit your own personal criteria, make sure you are looking to the local real estate agents data feed's.

It might make sense for you to be focusing on the large real estate syndication websites we all know and love that are populating all of the pay per click space and the tops of the organic search results. Then again, you may find out that those websites don't represent the buying or selling public with regard to real estate.

Tell me who you are!!!

Those websites support the Real Estate agents by being "clever" and getting you to give up your personal information in some "think tank" sort of way.

I received a call from one of the Biggies - in fact this one is so big that It's name started with an "R" and is a registered trademark.

While it would seem to be all about us Realtors, it too does no "direct real estate client" representation. It too will sell your leads and here is how I know.

Who's selling who?

The salesperson on the phone explained to me that if I was not paying for their service, those leads generated from my sellers listings would not go to me, they'd be sold to agents that were paying for them.

However, he did state that in a very cleverly formatted way, but that is what he said, without yours truly having to read too much between the lines.

Case and point - on line, we are rocking the ship on-line and our Sellers know it because we are bringing them well qualified buyers. Just google some of the following Top Search Terms for the Santa Clarita:

  • Santa Clarita Real Estate agents
  • REMAX of Valencia
  • REMAX of Santa Clarita
  • Santa Clarita realtors
  • Paris911

Okay, so the last one, maybe not the TOPS in the world of search, we are on most of the page 1 organic results when people are searching for homes and real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Be safe and search well, let the Paris911 Team at REMAX associates know when you are ready to move.