Santa Clarita Paris911 REMAXHa, the Seventh Day...  I won't get into all of that now.  But here is the latest Santa Clarita Real Estate update for the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate world. (BTW - at the home page of you can view a more complete update that will span the last year of time and the market activity for the cities that are within the Santa Clarita Valley - Just scroll down on the page below my video's!)

A couple of other things that we have put together with our MacBoX functionality - We have implanted a couple of new real estate keywords for the Santa Clarita Home Search to assist our clients with their real estate needs:

  • santa clarita homes
  • santa clarita apartments
  • MLS
Each of these keyword phrases are all working as we speak within the MacBoX.  Go to our Mother Santa Clarita Real Estate Site at Paris911 and you can type in any of those phrases into our MacBoX.
Today in the Santa Clarita Real Estate World - Buyers are Frustrated and Sellers are not getting the return they want from the Real Estate they are trying to sell.  We have also watched as interest rates dove to a level that has never been seen before in the interest rate world since they started keeping track of "interest rates" in the early '70's.
We just had a client quoted a 3.78% interest rate - without any "buy down".  Unbelievable.  I'd think that would spark some additional buyer interest to get into this market - Time will Tell.
Here is how the current 24 hour snapshot of the Santa Clarita Real Estate inventory stacks up:
  • 24 new listings have entered the Santa Clarita Re-Sale Market
  • 32 Listings have experienced price changes - Mostly down from their previously listed price
  • 7 properties have Bom'd - went Back on Market - Falling out of escrow
  • 4 Properties have entered Back-up status
  • 3 properties expired from within contract  - not selling
  • 22 properties have gone into the much more secure position of reflecting a Pending Status
  • 10 properties have closed escrow
That is it for today. I have the pleasure and honor to show some new clients Valencia's Belcaro's, The Bridgeport Island and Sand Canyon Listings that are on the market for sale.  Should be Fun!!!