Santa Clarita realtorsThe newest in Santa Clarita real estate inventory can be seen on this chart - We have not seen the "rumored" huge Foreclosure Releases in the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley - so please remain calm.  You have not missed anything - We will keep you posted as to when that may potentially happen.

On the 6th of April - our Pricing Systems, that establish the Median Price ranges and how much homes are selling for, updated for the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.  I was elated to see the new results - where we had appeared to be on a price increase for some of the Santa Clarita Cities - We did not decline much at all when our independent Real Estate research firm completed the update for the SCV.

To access the Santa Clarita City real estate valuation and pricing pages head over to our Santa Clarita real estate website.  After you arrive you are going to see our Famous Santa Clarita real estate MacBoX :-)  Type in the city name you are interested in followed by the word "Prices".  You will then be taken to a page within our Real Estate sellers website that will have the Interactive graph posted where you will be able to track the Median sales prices and inventory for each one of the Santa Clarita Cities.  (Example:  Santa Clarita Prices - Valencia Prices - Stevenson Ranch Prices - Etc...)

How much are Valencia CA homes selling for

We have also updated all of our Santa Clarita pages that answer the age old real estate question of how is the market doing on a Local Level.  The reason that this information is important to gather from Local real estate experts has to do with proximity.  The large Syndication of real estate websites may be able to track local data - but they fall short when it comes to what "actual human beings" are wanting when previewing homes for sale.

In addition, their data may be built the way they want it presented.  Not that they are attempting to "purposefully" mislead the home buying public, but they are built around Lead Generation after all.

The same "lead generation" qualities can also be said about the Local Real Estate agents websites - However, it is easy to tell someone you may run into in the local Market or at a local Restaurant to, "Take me off of your darn email list and quit calling me.  I'm already working with a local Real Estate expert!"

We have had several inquires, during the last few days, about the Good Neighbor Program by HUD, how it works and where the properties are located.  In case you are a Santa Clarita Teacher (or any teacher for that matter), Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff (any full time law enforcement), EMT - Firefighter (almost any EMT's and Fire Fighters), you may want to sign up for our HUDalerts site where we watch the most recent entrants into the half off real estate programs for the men and women that teach our youth, protect our streets and save our lives.  It also explains about the program in depth.

The Santa Clarita election is coming up - There are good incumbents and good candidates poised to push them out of office.  Voting gives you a better ability to complain when your "candidate" does not get elected - don't you think?

Well, that about does it for your Monday April 9th update in this Year of our Lord 2012.  We laughed, cried and want to help you with everything that is real estate.  Check back often and we are confident that we will have some Foreclosure Alerts to post later this AM.  It's Still quite early - 0358hrs....