How hiring the wrong agent can hurt

We had always been wanting to be at the Top of the Santa Clarita real estate world.

It's a process, one that has taken us since 1998 to ascend.  However, one day we will be and we know who's responsible.  First God and then our clients.  Thank you.

We have just started a new blog talking about "Real Estate in under a Minute".  This has been great for us and for our team, in addition, we have started getting requests of the topics people want to hear about.

One client asked for an easy way to remember how to find Bridgeport Elementary.

So, in order to help, we made Bridgeport Elementary work inside of our Famous MacBoX.  Try it, you'll like it....

Foreclosures - slowing down, but there may be some surprises up the sleeves of the judicial States.

That is where it takes more "time" to kick people out of a home, with mortgage, without payment.

While some are Super Fast because they don't have to get the courts involved, only the local Law Enforcement agency, other states take much longer.  In CA - you can bet on 6 months from the first time a payments are missed to eviction, if no one contests.

There may be more Foreclosures hitting the market in some of these "judicial" states - we saw increases last Month for a few - Read the Foreclosure Update article here.

Have a Great Friday and don't forget that we are heading to a Weekend where Open Houses in the Santa Clarita Valley are going to be everywhere.  Just make sure you are well advice and keep informed when it comes to searching and attending them.