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When you are buying or selling a home, even if that home is going to be sold short as a short sale, it matters who you are hiring to represent you with your real estate interests.  We have spoken with many sellers within the distressed variety and they have "protection and service" on the top of their mind.  When someone wants to short sale their home, they are placing a lot of trust in their real estate professional.

Giving pause to Santa Clarita real estate one can take a look at the positive headlines, creating a much more optimistic feel for the state of home sales and the economy in general. It has been stated over and over in recent years that economic recovery is tightly connected with real estate recovery. The economy has been recovering slowly, and often real estate recovery has seemed even slower.

It is important to remember, however, that not too long ago headlines were 99.9% bleak, offering little hope, and when there was hope it seemed months, if not years, in the future. Today’s headlines on the other hand are far more optimistic, showing signs of life in retail, residential, new construction, and real estate investments in Santa Clarita CA.

Recent Wall Street Journal headlines related to real estate include: “Drop in Store Vacancies Signals Possible Mall Rebound”, “Owning Regains Appeal”, and “Foreclosure Starts ‘Fall’ in February”. Likewise, recent headlines at Realty Times include: “Real Estate Outlook: Vacation Sales Surge”, and “Banks Upbeat About Mortgage Performance, Looser Credit Looms”.

While certainly real estate recovery is not in full bloom everywhere but it certainly is looking up. The general sentiment appears to be that owning real estate is a good investment and that now is a great time to be a buyer.

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