Real Estate Sellers tips for Santa Clarita Sellers

When we are showing buyers the available listings, I can tell by their response when we enter a room, that most like crown molding.  Not the "chintzy" crown molding jobs that are uneven, cracked and shows a space between the molding and the wall.  Also, not the molding that lacks the proper engineering to turn corners or end improperly at ceiling openings, such as stair cases.

Crown molding can really change a room and can offer a great update to any home. We are entering the spring selling season, and hopefully a big buying season, and many of us are looking around our homes wondering what we can do to set them apart from others in the area. Of course the catch to improving our homes is that not many of us want to spend much money at the moment.

There are a number of inexpensive changes that we can make to our homes, and crown molding is a great option. There are many styles of crown molding, some more ornate, some narrow, some wide, and every combination in between. Choosing which molding suits your home depends on what look you are going for. Crown molding can add a modern touch, a classic touch, or really dress up a room. There is even molding that is lit, adding to the overall ambiance of a home.

While typically crown molding is consistent throughout a home, certain rooms can have their own distinct style. Often kitchens, formal dining rooms, and recreation rooms offer different design styles and molding can add to this style. There are so many magazines, books, and websites to examine to help you uncover how you would like your home to appear. Crown molding is a great way to improve your home in a cost-effective manner.

Read “10 Stunning Crown Moulding Ideas” from House Logic.

Quite Frequently, we go to our sellers homes before the listing to advise of the things that will help the home sell better.  We talk about specific things like "de-cluttering", beautification and give staging tips.  Ensuring that our Sellers Real estate listings are without any specific focal point - creating the maximum presentation piece possible.