Santa Clarita Real Estate AppsThe Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita has been a Partner with Smarter Agent since just after their introduction out here on the West Coast.  I had the pleasure of giving my two cents with some of the development and branding of their Mobile Real Estate Search.  They entered the Los Angeles Mobile Search Market via Claw - Which is the Los Angeles Board of Realtors(combined), I happened to be a full member and was able to be one of the first to obtain the technology for our clients.

All you do is text SCV to 87778.  You will get access to our Santa Clarita Real Estate Mobile Search from home search applicationyour phone app.  If you are working from a mobile device and you want to point your phone to a specific URL to do the same thing - is where you need to go.

I remember the days when the MLS was contained in a Dot Matrix printout only available directly from the Local Boards of Realtors themselves - and only if you were a licensed Real Estate Agent that was a member of that specific board.  Each and every morning we had someone go to the board and pick up a copy and bring it to the office.  Newest listings were placed in order first - and you needed to know that inventory.

Today, Real Estate is very different - Here we have our Santa Clarita Real Estate Search - Mobile - Beyond the home computer - available to anyone to search for homes, land, condo's, town homes, any property by sending a text message to get our Paris911 Real Estate Search app.

I have not forgotten where real estate technology was in the last few years and it now seems to be moving at the speed of light.

Mobile Real Estate Development is going to be the Next Big Thing and I am glad that we had a hand in it's development and implementation for our Clients.

Enjoy your Real Estate Searches on your PDA, Palm, Droid, BlackBerry, iPhone - They are Global Positioning System enabled if you desire so you can search each and every neighborhood that you are driving in for anything that is available for sale.  Some Sellers don't want for sale signs - especially if their home is in distress - this will show you those homes as well.  If the agent did not put flyers on the post - or if the flyer box has run out - this will give you all of the data the flyer would have - and our Mobile Data is more likely updated.

Happy to Serve you with your Santa Clarita Real Estate needs - BE Safe and we will talk with you soon.