Santa Clarita home buyer rebate and seller program EDGE by the expertsThe other day I heard a commercial for Christmas shopping, preparation, etc.. - I'm really not ready to start getting ready.

Good day everyone, It's Connor MacIvor, REMAX Gateway and the lead (don't tell my wife) at the Santa Clarita home Experts.

We have a great show in store for you and I will get to the intel that helps you make the best buying and selling decisions pertaining to Santa Clarita real estate.

Today, I'm proud to get into the real estate data for this week as we get nearer to closing down the 2nd week in May 2020.

"Coming Soon" real estate listings are with us.

Before, you may have been "teased" into thinking that some of those trying to sell you homes were "special" and had access to listings that were not on the market yet.

This is true, but today that has all be stopped.

There are new MLS rules, Multiple Listing Service Rules established by the National Association of Realtor concerning something called Clear Cooperation.

It is as it states, no fuzzy real estate practices when it comes to advertising real estate listings that are not on the "official market" yet, further keeping the playing field fair for home buyers and home sellers.

I remember when most of the large real estate syndication websites were big proponents of "coming soon" listings or "pocket listing" being placed on their websites.

They loved it because of the massive traffic the agent's action generated. However, the only responsibility of the real estate syndication website was to put a small print disclaimer in place that they were not responsible for the actions of the agents that were placing these listings on their website.

All the responsibility, as it should, falls back into the lap of the real estate agent.

As an act of saving us from us, and also making the home buyer's world and home seller's world fair - we now have a very limited time from taking a listing and from it's first mentioned to needing it to be in the MLS for all to see.

Clear Cooperation violations are HUGE - really expensive and won't be tolerated by the National Association of Realtors.

With ethics in place such as this, I'm a big fan. I suppose because I am a Realtor I'm in already.

Real Estate syndication website search for homes

By the Way - if the home listing, which most will get placed into the "coming soon" area in the MLS - the new status category, Zillow and Trulia, and the others won't see it until they are released.

A Santa Clarita real estate agent can take up to 21 days to release the MLS listing onto sites like Zillow and Trulia. Meanwhile, the listing will be showing on a direct agent search for their home buyers. That gives my Santa Clarita home experts site the home team advantage.

I will be able to advertise the listings to all of my clients before they hit the massive real estate syndication websites.

That gives my Santa Clarita home expert clients who are using our HomeBuyers EDGE program the best possible, well - EDGE when it comes to buying Santa Clarita real estate.

No advantage, in fact, a disadvantage some may state. While these massive, super income-producing, publically traded front-facing real estate websites are monitoring the feed for homes all over the world. 

My Santa Clarita home experts' website is monitoring the real estate listings here locally. Southern California from Lancaster - throughout the Antelope Valley, into the Santa Clarita Valley and Orange County. From Pomona west to the Beach - including Malibu and all areas in between.

If you want the fresh new listings for the cities in that massive Southern California space, you will have access quickly to the listings on my Santa Clarita home experts' website.

The best thing you may be wondering is that I'm not going to sell your personal information when you register to search for homes and estates.

Santa Clarita coming soon real estate listings for saleI will be your personal real estate agent wanting to be there for you every step of the way.

Reminder - NEVER leave your name or any identification (email or phone) with any new home center, new builder's agent, at an open house, new model home center, or online unless on my Santa Clarita home experts website.

From the start giving you information about loans and lending so you get your best deal. Selecting a home lender that will treat you as a commodity and not a number.

I will then be by your side while we figure out the best place for you to live and then search for the items you find important in a neighborhood. (churches, schools, shopping, entertainment and more).

After that, it's all about finding the right home for you. (and yours - if you have others with you).

After we start looking in person at real estate, we eventually will find "the one". That home that you want and that I will write an offer on for you.

There are other ways in which to enrich an offer in the seller's eyes without increasing the price. I'll explain all of those techniques to you so we can make the best plans and execute them accordingly.

Where the rubber meets the road apparently. This is a snapshot of our residential activity for the past 7 days in the Santa Clarita Valley. I have included the cities of Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia.

As you can see the Coming Soon real estate listings for Santa Clarita are being used and it would seem it's going to be a big deal.

There is a new way for you to have access to the now "coming soon" real estate listings, contact me for details.

I will need to get your parameters for real estate so I can immediately email you the coming soon listing to the Santa Clarita homes for sale market.

This way you will see them immediately at the same time I see them along with the other agents who are working with buyers and sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley.

What to do if the Santa Clarita home experts are already your realtors?

Santa Clarita coming soon real estate listingsNothing, you don't' have to do anything to get the coming soon real estate listings as part of the properties that I am sending you directly from the Boards of Realtors Multiple Listing Serice.

You will now be seeing homes and listings which are for sale that are "coming soon" being part of what you are receiving.

It would be impossible to see any of these coming soon listings any sooner. This is source data and you already have access, all I have to do is enable it for you.

What this means is you will have access above and beyond any website you are able to find online.

There is no other real estate syndication website - Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, - no other that will send you the coming soon listings with the love I have for you :)

I update your Santa Clarita home search with the checking of an additional box. 

I will also double-check the listings that I am sending to see if there is any way that I can refine the listings to more accurately match what you are wanting to view.

The Santa Clarita real estate market update 2020-132

On the 11th of May, 2020 when my Santa Clarita real estate and housing market update was produced, there were the following real estate activity and inventory numbers.

  • 14 Coming Soon real estate listings to one of the Santa Clarita cities (this value will be going through the roof at some point soon. It's the agents being able to regain power by taking back their seller's listings and advertising them in the best ways)
  • 422 residential real estate homes, condos and townhomes for sale in the SCV
  • 152 homes under contract(in escrow - still showing active) - including condos and town-homes in the SCV
  • 224 pending residences - in escrow - showing as being unavailable
  • 1580 real estate listings sold during the last 180 days in the Santa Clarita Valley
  • 190 real estate listings that did not sell during their contract length - these listings expired
  • 164 real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley were canceled by the sellers
  • 72 real estate listings are currently on HOLD status - they are not actively being marketed for some reason. It's listings like these that I am still able to view for my clients and make suggestions. I reach out to these agents who have homes that fit my client's criteria on HOLD in order to communicate availability.
  • 42 Santa Clarita residences were removed from the "for sale" market in a withdrawn status

Where does that leave the Santa Clarita real estate market as of May 2020? 

Santa Clarita sold residential listings during the past 4 years


Month Sales, Number of Days to Sell, Average
Jan 2016 221 76
Feb 2016 211 77
Mar 2016 309 65
Apr 2016 343 56
May 2016 377 60
Jun 2016 424 49
Jul 2016 342 51
Aug 2016 387 52
Sep 2016 354 58
Oct 2016 326 48
Nov 2016 325 43
Dec 2016 316 51
Jan 2017 214 60
Feb 2017 238 60
Mar 2017 356 48
Apr 2017 285 38
May 2017 398 32
Jun 2017 458 25
Jul 2017 390 23
Aug 2017 374 29
Sep 2017 344 32
Oct 2017 334 29
Nov 2017 278 32
Dec 2017 328 33
Jan 2018 209 39
Feb 2018 206 39
Mar 2018 301 29
Apr 2018 311 25
May 2018 353 26
Jun 2018 404 25
Jul 2018 338 24
Aug 2018 367 28
Sep 2018 255 33
Oct 2018 276 34
Nov 2018 274 39
Dec 2018 231 47
Jan 2019 162 57
Feb 2019 192 54
Mar 2019 287 44
Apr 2019 351 42
May 2019 378 34
Jun 2019 343 31
Jul 2019 381 34
Aug 2019 393 32
Sep 2019 297 35
Oct 2019 320 36
Nov 2019 278 35
Dec 2019 291 40
Jan 2020 188 46
Feb 2020 255 38
Mar 2020 292 26
Apr 2020 248 23
Time frame is from Jan 2016 to Apr 2020
Property Type is 'Residential'
City is one of 'Canyon Country', 'Castaic', 'Newhall', 'Saugus', 'Stevenson Ranch', 'Valencia'
Results calculated from approximately 16,000 listings

Data Point sets for the last 4 years of sold homes in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Sold Santa Clarita real estate data for 12 months

One year ago, we had many more listings and a longer time on the market to sell those listings.

The Santa Clarita Valley is still pressed with low real estate inventory making this market a Seller's Market.

Even with the high unemployment numbers, we are still reporting a high buyer drive. Not as high as last year during the same time frame, but still high none the less as reflected in the shorter days on market times as compared with the same period in 2020.

You can see that there has been a distinct drop in home sales, but also a similar drop in the days on market average.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Santa Clarita real estate update show and news program. I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be of great service to you and yours. Below is the transcription for my Santa Clarita blog radio show. Please share and let me know if you want a specific topic spoken about next week.

PDF transcript for the Santa Clarita real estate radio and news show - Update episode 2020-133

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (00:00):

Good Day everybody. Caught a guy ever. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is going to be your Santa Clarita real estate update. We're coming up here. Actually today's May 12th I did write all the content and get all the data streamed into our blog Santa Clarita blog so you can see that there. So you're going to get the graphical charts and the data for the current state of the Santa Clara market. Then I'm going to be talking about today and yes, Cheryl, experimenting with the facial hair thing, and I don't know if I like it. It's a cop for so long. Shaved every day. Never worked narcotics or undercover advice or anything. So I had to shave every day. I'm not there. I don't think I'm there yet. Then I'm going to lop it off today, but we'll see, uh, maybe next week when I do our next Santa, create a real estate update, I'll still have even more, but I'm also not liking, I want to say it's blonde hair.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (00:49):

It's, it's not. It's, it's white here. Lots of white hair. So I'm going to work that work on that. All right, so let's talk about the Santa Corina market. So as you know, probably affected most of our clients are by the quarantine and by a covert 19 and all that other fancy stuff. And of course, my heart goes out to anybody that's had family members or themselves have been impacted and the future people that are going to be the impact of the course and definitely not something to take lightly. But again, it is where we are currently, and hopefully, this whole situation is going to come to a happy ending at some point. I just don't know what that's going to look like or how that's going to work out. And I don't think most people do. However, there are lots of conspiracy theorists out there talking about different things and we won't get into that right now because I don't know if I believe a lot of that.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (01:40):

So let's talk a little bit about the market in Santa Clarita. So if you read some of the websites out there and see if this, this might help a little bit, not soon. That's a lot of glare. So if you read some of the websites out there and they talk about the state of the market, the real estate market, you're going to see a lot of doom and gloom. You're also going to see a lot of people talking about hurry up, get that property list of Versaille, get it on the market. Because right now is really the time. If you don't do it now, you're going to miss out on all sorts of fancy things. That's actually not the case. It would appear that we have had a slow down as anybody would have expected from last year to this year. Even over the last four years.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (02:18):

This seems to be about the lowest point. However, the different dynamic, and I'll get into in a minute when I get into the real numbers, has to do with the days on market timeframes being about half of what it was. Same time last year, closing numbers, April of 2019 so now April of 2020 about half the time it's taking to sell real estate listings out there. So that's something that sellers can be happy about. And I don't see that changing much because of our very low days on morale, low inventory herein Santa Clarita Valley cities. Now when I talk about Santa Clarita Valley cities, I'm getting into the Intel all the way through acting through Valencia act and acquittal, say, Newhall, Canyon country cast eggs, Saugus Valencia and Stevenson ranch. I think I got them all. So that's the inventory I'm talking about.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (03:07):

Alright, so getting into the numbers here in Santa Clarita Valley, I'm going to talk about coming soon listings in a moment because that's going to be what's going to make a big difference as to where you're searching for homes. If you're real estate buyers out there, if your real estate sellers where you're gonna

get your data from, because there are going to be listings that if you're not searching on a local MLS enabled website, if you're going to the big ones, the Zillows, the Trulias, they'll syndication sites, you're going to miss stuff and they have a new format, a new category in the multiple listing service that's MLS exclusive. So you understand that the board of realtors, they have their finger on the pulse, they have the data, they have the lobby, they have all, all of the right ears apparently pressed to the tracks.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (03:52):

They control a lot of that data. And in addition, whenever you're selling a house, typically at least in Southern California, it's done at the hands of a real estate agent. That's also a realtor. And to be a realtor, it's not just as simple as passing a test and being licensed by the state. You have to be in good standing. And then everybody else you're associated with also has to be in good standing as well. So if you have a broker you're working with, if you have a real estate company working with, you can't just go out and work for some of the unscrupulous folks that aren't members of the board of realtors because then you can't be a realtor. So it's best when you hire those professional people that come from the boards of realtors that have members there. So the pecking order, at least in our nation, the United States is the national association of realtors.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (04:47):

Then we move into in our state, the California association filters and then on a local level, the Southland regional association realtors. So I have to be in good standing with all, all the way from the top to the bottom, coming soon as something that we'll talk about currently in Santa Clarita Valley. This is how the numbers are falling. You have 14 homes, they're in the coming soon category. That means you're not seeing those on the syndication websites and it could be a maximum timeframe of 21 days. Those properties are advertised to agents and their clients, not the people that are going to the Zillow and the truth and the other syndication sites, which is interesting. I'll talk about more of that in a minute. At least that's my understanding of the way that the coming soon works to make sure everything's clear and transparent. These are rules and bylaws that were enabled by the, uh, a various associations of realtors.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (05:44):

And if they expect to stay as members of these associations, they're going to change their internal dynamics to allow for the same kind of clearness or transparency. All right, so 14 listings coming soon. All total Santa create a Valley and if you're seeing higher numbers on their websites, they're tricking you. 422 active listings all the way through so you have activated and Oakwood all say you have cannon country cast steak, new haul saga, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia, all four 22 very low inventory. However, over the last month and a half that's gone up from where we were in the low threes, so we're still having inventory added. Even with the pandemic, even with the quarantine and Covin 19 happening still people are listing those houses for sale and the good news, the houses are still selling if they're priced accordingly. The sweet spot in Santa Clarita Valley, I talk about this with my sellers and my home buyers is anywhere between 450,000 about six 50 that's going to be for single-family residences, a low residence located almost anywhere in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (07:03):

Now act in an Aqua Dulce. Say there are a little bit further out, so they have a different type of person interested in that real estate. Not a people that are more interested in being much further away from neighbors, much more private. A lot of the folks out there have a lot of toys. A lot of the folks out there as far as like sand buggies, sand buggies, is that even a thing? Dune buggies, motorcycles, horses, those

types, of resources. And some of the folks out there kind of have more of an agricultural component as well. They're going to have, they're going to be raising something or maybe chickens, livestock, pigs, cows, that sort of thing. So that's kind of a different, more country, more farm ranch. So listing versus coming closer into the Santa Clarita, like Castaic new house, sagas, Valencia Stevenson, ranch, Canyon country.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (07:59):

You're more built. Some have a lot of custom homes, some have a lot of money in those homes. Multimillion-dollar residences, uh, some acreage, large lots, that sort of thing. But a majority of the properties are tracked in nature. So there's going to be one builder for two or 300 homes and maybe three or four models and 12 or 15 different elevations, which is the design quality or the design appearance of the exterior of the front of the home. So you might see two homes that are exactly the same on the inside. The way the layout is, the way you walk in, the way the kitchen, his living room, the entry, the formal room if they have one. Now the great room concept is more the thing than having a separate formal from a, um, from a family room. So it's just kind of one big room.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (08:46):

The kitchen and intermixed mixed in there. Um, so seeing that you might see two houses that are identical on the inside, but when it comes down to it on the outside, they look totally different because the elevations are different. We live in a summit and then the summit there are, uh, in, in the window mirror area or the Windermere tract, you're going to see a lot of different elevations. And in fact over the years cause it was built, they started breaking ground back in the eighties, mid to late eighties, you're going to see that a lot of people over that timeframe with 30 plus years, 87, 97, half 30, 35 years, people have actually redone the exterior of the homes so it doesn't look anywhere like it was in the very beginning. And homeowners give a little flexibility. You're going to see that in a lot of the neighborhoods as well.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (09:34):

But if you're looking for new residents as new housing, that's also something that we talk about and they're very active. New housing is going to be very active over the next year, uh, several years. In fact in the Santa Clarita Valley and you're going to see if you're looking to purchase new housing, you're going to want to ensure that you are teamed up with your own agent. Somebody who is going to, that has the ability and knowledge and expertise to be able to assist you with new housing. Has done it before. Hopefully, I have, I bought a couple in my day myself or my family, uh, once at once, new licensed, a new licensee, and then one, I've been a real estate licensee for awhile representing buyers and sellers. But at the end of the day, it's important that you are working with somebody. Also, don't use the builder's rep.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (10:23):

That's not a great idea. Just because you wouldn't want to hire the same attorney that's representing the people that are suing you or that you're using. You would want them to have access to your attorney because there's some kind of, there's a little bit of secrecy, right? So the same thing when people are telling me, well, gee Connor, um, why don't I just use the agent representing the seller? Well, the agent representing the seller knows the seller's bottom line. Use the agent, they now know your bottom line. And it's really hard, the correct way. It's really hard to represent both sides when sometimes you're going to be anti the other side, the buyer's going to want certain things fixed. The seller's going to want to fight to fix certain things in some cases. So how has the agent make, make it worthwhile for both

parties? If you have your own agent, then the agent can step up and be on your team 100% not caring about offending anyone but getting you the best deal possible.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (11:26):

Same. My new housing experience allows me to represent my clients at no cost to my clients. So they pay me to bring buyers to the new housing centers. You can see more about that and I put it up there. We have our new home buyer advantage program or edge program. You can see that by going to Santa Clarita, home, forward slash new Santa Clarita, home Forward slash new you'll be able to see it, uh, the discounts available, rebates and so on. And that goes with buying regular and also selling regular real estate and also new housing. So that's something to know, but you'll see what's going on at the new home centers by just driving around. Just do yourself a favor. Don't exclude yourself from using me as your real estate agent when it comes to buying new housing. By putting down your name or anything, you're going to walk in, they're going to hand you a tablet, probably not like this, but they're going to hand you maybe electronic device and they're going to say, Hey, the builder wants you to go ahead.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (12:28):

Just put your name down and a quick email. If you don't mind. Then you can go look at the model homes through here. They're very innocent. Once you do it because I wasn't with you, then that excludes me from being able to represent you. Simple. However, if you're interested in new housing with covert 19, the quarantine and this and that, a lot of lots of change. If you're interested in going up and looking at them, the homes up, uh, up in Saugus, they're the new housing, uh, toll brothers or any of the other try point builders or any of those, all you have to do is call me and say, Connor, I want you to be my new home representative. I want to take advantage of your new home buyer edge program and I want to go in. So then you and I communicate, I get your information and then I relay that to the new housing representative and they've put you down as working with me.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (13:17):

Then you go look at the model homes. I'll meet you there, we'll talk, we'll go through the process. I'll explain to you all about new housing, how to buy it, the questions to ask and I'll be there to represent you so I can ask those questions and get you more in the way of discounts and credits, lot premium payoff, those sorts of things the best I can. So that actually helps. Let's get back into this real quick. 14 coming soon. We have 422 active listings all through Santa Clarita Valley. 152 homes are actually in escrow under contract 224 pending. So we're talking in the essence of three 24 almost 380 homes are actually in the process of being sold. So they're all under contract, which is good news for the market. So the agents that are saying, Oh my gosh, uh, don't do anything. Or wait, probably a little bit narrower right now because things are moving in the last 180 days.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (14:10):

We have 1,580 residents is sell. And I'm going to put all of this at Santa Clara blog. You can go see that. Just go to Santa Creta, home forward slash blog and you'll see the latest article. I'll also put graphical information to back up my opinion or back up the factual information I'm relaying to you about the market. 190 properties expired. So these are properties over the past few months that actually didn't sell under contractual timeframes. So it was a listing that was on the market. Maybe they took a six-month listing as we do. And then when it got close to being the end of it, maybe the agent went back to him and said, listen, we're going to expire here in a couple of weeks. What do you want to

do? And maybe the seller said, you know, I think it would be best if we didn't move forward with a sale at this time.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (14:58):

We want to wait for something like that. So 190 of those happened, which is quite a bit. 164 properties were canceled, didn't sell. Uh, it's difficult for a seller to cancel. Listing of that listing happens to be under contract with a buyer almost impossible. Really. It calmed. A lot of times it comes down to a legal issue, but these are properties that weren't under escrow warrant in escrow and they were canceled. So sellers decided not to sell. Currently, 72 listings are on hold of all those got released. We would be up near 500 active units for sale. And over the past, uh, this last month he had 40 180 days. You had 42 properties that were withdrawn from the market. So there's a lot of real estate inventory that's going to be coming in the next few months and it's going to be these residences. But I think that quarantine has people nervous.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (15:49):

How long is that going to play out for the state of California? How long are these folks going to be out of work? It could be that a lot of these sellers and this is actually the case, they wanted to sell their houses, right? So they list it in January or February, maybe beginning of March, and then all of a sudden things start to change. You've got the quarantine, you got the pandemic, you have all of these issues. Now they're out of work, they're laid off, and they in actuality don't know what to do next. So they've planned it out a little while, hoping to maybe get an offer, but then no more. Uh, they didn't get one. They got a little nervous, so they pulled the property from the market. We're seeing a lot of things. So here's some news. I did put the real estate information pertaining the last four years as far as timeframes and inventory and numbers of properties selling in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (16:38):

Now this time, remember I talked about acting in Oakwood all say, I did not include them in this data just because of the different type of property and a lot of those properties that area takes a little bit longer to sell because the buyer drive isn't as much as wanting to live closer to the mall or closer to that. The sales are closer to schools and so on and so forth. So that's kind of the difference between that market and the Casta Canyon country, new whole saga. Stevens Rancho Valencia markets. So that's what I included in this. So you'll see that April of 2019 we had a closing that entire month, 351 real estate listings. April of this year, this last month, 248 so that's over a hundred less real estate closings. Now in 2019, those 351 listings had an average sale time of 42 days, uh, in 2020 those two 48 this year at 23 days.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (17:37):

So sold in about half the time this year. So there is a very solid buyer drive. There is lacking inventory. We're still in a seller's market locked in in a seller's market, the Santa Clarita Valley. Even with the quarantine now it seems like we're starting to see how things are loosening up a little bit. We're starting to see how the powers that be are starting to let certain professions go back to work and become active again. I do know that a lot of people are trying to get assistance from the state so that's still going on, so we're going to see how it plays out. I believe that nobody's going to be breaking your records this year. I've heard next year interest rates are going to remain low and even maybe go lower so that could kick off another refinance market as we saw over the last several months.


Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (18:27):

Something to watch out for. Also, if you're a property owner and you want to get equity updates on your house, just email me and I'll be able to send you the Intel so you can get those equity updates to find out where you stand on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis or bimonthly. Every two weeks or every week. I'll be able to get you that information about your residents and you'll be able to see what properties that are in very close proximity to you are actually selling what they're selling for, which ones are being canceled, which ones happened to be listed as foreclosures, short sales, distress properties, whatever it may be. You'll get that information first so you know what's going on within your local market and your neighborhood, so not just an entire city or entire zip code. I'm talking about, you know, you drive down the street and you see the listing I just sent you about it being for sale or a foreclosure or having some kind of a default recorded against it or whatever.

Connor MacIvor Santa Clarita Home Experts Blog (19:19):

Watching out for you, buyers and sellers, don't forget, both of you have access to our edge program. If we haven't communicated yet, you're watching this for the first time. It's home buyer edge and home seller edge. You'll see it at the very top. As soon as you go to Santa Clarita, home there's a link you can click and it'll show you how to become a part of that program. I have to do is register and then I know who you are, and then we take it from there. Don't give up your personal information on websites. You don't know where they go. Stay away from the Zillow. Trulia is the coming soon listings or things that you're going to say at Santa Clarita home experts. And by me sending it to you, I'm Connor MacGyver. Thanks for watching it. It's been 20 minutes over and out. We'll talk soon. Bye.