Two posts written this AM.  One having to do with getting a real estate offer accepted on Santa Clarita real estate.  What are the best ways?  How can your agent leverage everything in your favor?  How does a savvy real estate agent structure the submitting of the offer?  

Santa Clarita realtorsThe other post was written on our foreclosure, short sale and distressed Santa Clarita real estate blog.  We have placed all of the foreclosures for you to view at that site.  We also spoke about the Santa Clarita short sale process and a couple of files that we are handling at the present time.  The banks, some of them, seem to not have the dots connected.  I'd hope it's not the case - but sometimes it seems they are hurting their clients on purpose.  Click here to read this latest post as part of your SCV realty update.

We had also built a couple of pages within our Top Sales Professionals Blog for Santa Clarita Cities.  We found that some of the real estate syndication websites are showing the sold listings as being available for sale.  So we thought we would ensure our systems don't do any such thing.  That, to us, is misleading and almost criminal.  Once people find out that we are a local real estate brand and have our offices, real offices, within the Santa Clarita Valley, they call us.  They call us about listings that they are interested in that have been posted and pitched on the large Real Estate syndication websites.

They figure, correctly, they would rather deal with local agents that are recognized on-line, work for a brand that is well known, and that answers the email or telephone.  This way, the caller, does not have to worry about their personal information being sold to a multitude of agents that are paying for leads from the Real Estate syndication website.  They are only dealing with a single local agent that operates a Team known as Paris911 at REMAX of Santa Clarita.

So it works.  The callers usually ask us to check on a listing they found on "Real Estate Syndication website ____________" . I then have a look and most of the time the property they are interested in is either sold, pending or in some other way, not available.  I then introduce them to our Active Listings only page within our Paris911 Site.  Every listing that is active or where the seller has indicated they want a back up offer written on it.  Those are the only Santa Clarita real estate listings showing up on the map.

No tricks, no games and no setting up of the real estate client to sell their personal and private information to hungry Realtors.  We are local agents, we work here, we are members of the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA.  You can sleep better now :)