Price changes in the Santa Clarita ValleyPrice changes happen in any and all real estate market.  In a declining real estate market, that has a plethora of Short Sales Listed for sale, you might be surprised to find Price Increases are common.

If you want to see all of the price changes for the Entire Southern California Area - Click Here.

What might the Reason Be? - Because the agent might have placed the Short Sale onto the market for sale at too low of a price.  The bank, that was approving the short sale, came back and said the "purchase price" to be $More Money$ - and that is why you might have a price increase in a declining real estate market.

For the Increasing real estate market - you will find that price increases are common.

Below you will find a map rending all of the price changes over a period of 7 days to correspond to our Daily Santa Clarita Real Estate show - Wednesday, hump day, is all about price changes.  We will talk about them and direct you to view them personally at this MacBoX friendly page within the Paris911 Real estate systems.

Type the word - Price Change into the MacBoX at Paris911 dot com to get back here from anyone of our Real Estate Search Systems.

Below we have a couple of great Paris911 Search Options.

    • The first thing you will see is our Real Estate Search map that has been outfitted to only render those properties that have had price changes within the last 7 days in the Santa Clarita Valley.  They could have gone up in price or down - Either way - you will see them on the map below.
    • Below the map you will see the newest 20 listings that have had their price changed in some way, shape or form.  Starting with the most recently changed listing first.

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