SCVnest open letter about lendersAh - the feeling of getting burned - I hate it. And it was the catalyst for Paris and I becoming realtors. We were wanting to move from Los Angeles to Santa Clarita Valley, so we did what most people did back in the day, we stopped in at one of the local real estate offices while driving around Santa Clarita Valley.

The year was 1996 and real estate did not have a robust online presence. In fact, I don't think anything except AOL - America Online, had some published real estate listings. It was not updated and clunky at best, if you could access the photos with your 56 baud dial up modem, you were way ahead of the curve. BTW - remember those?

We had gotten our payback for getting screwed by the agent we chose and I am glad there is much more transparency today in real estate which was brought about by the online explosion.

The man behind the curtain may exist, but he is revealed quickly on the world wide web.

We have not been in the Santa Clarita real estate business since 1998 and I am proud to say we have represented over 1000 real estate clients / both buyers and sellers in the Santa Clarita and in Southern California cities.

This is one of the emails we send out to our clients when we have first met them by their registration on to search for real estate and homes.

It talks about who we are and get's into some of our About Us information. - Be safe - Enjoy and please let me know when you are ready for my representation.

I'm Connor T. MacIvor and I'm glad to be of service to you and yours.

Good Day Friends,

When I first became a Realtor, it was out of necessity to reveal how I was taken advantage of when I bought my first home.

BombBomb Video

The real estate agent I selected was HORRIBLE and created issues for my Family and I!  The main reason was his greed followed up by him not caring about me... "Enter Karma..... and she did enter!"

That issue was solved and I was now a full time LAPD cop and part time Realtor.

A few months later, My Better 1/2 in life jumped aboard and founded our Full Time REMAX of Santa Clarita - Valencia Paris911 Real Estate Team.

That was back in 1999...

As part of us wanting to be the best Real Estate Agents and Representatives in the world, we have produced over 2000 youtube videos discussing the home buying and selling processes.

I have also conducted literally thousands of real estate radio shows speaking about the Local Housing Market!

Over 10000 (ten thousand) - Real Estate Articles have also been written by yours truly about the real estate process as it relates to all types of home buyers and sellers!

There is no one that can compare and I'm proud to be your real estate representative...

I'll be here for you - you need anything reach out to me ASAP. You can call me, email me, text me or meet with me in person.

I'm available for you and will protect and serve your real estate needs 100%.

Be safe and Be well, until we speak next....

Connor T. and Paris P. MacIvor
REMAX Realtors in California
Have a nice day!