I'm probably the last vestige of real estate newsletters for the Santa Clarita real estate venues. I'd guess that all the others in my line of work are relying on the internet to drive the traffic. 

I know better. Some people want something they can hold onto and reference when they want to go back easily to what they had read.

We have provided such a resource by mail and online, which we reference as our Santa Clarita real estate newsletter. This is our October 2019 issue where I have given our latest real estate market and housing update.

I have spoken about the current state of the real estate market here on a local level. I have also gotten into some of the changes we are seeing in the housing market. 

Currently, we are closing out September of 2019. We have seen the housing and real estate market change from being one where we had homes practically flying off of the shelves to a housing market that is having its days on market times increase.

During the past 2 months, this metamorphosis has occurred. The real estate inventory is remaining at very low levels. However, the buyer drive has stopped because of a single reason. They are concerned because they are not seeing the home they can "afford" or want to purchase as being for sale.

The reason why the seller trend is happening has to do with the super-low interest rates. Those being reduced were supposed to kick off the home buyer drive. However, it kicked off a refinance boom. Homeowners that currently have higher rates than those wanted to get lower.

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When it comes to Santa Clarita real estate news, where do you get your intel? Is it online? Maybe you are reading the local fare within the various publications.

Remember, agents, pay for placement and also there is a pay to play incentive to be published.

Except on a local Santa Clarita real estate blog - that is where you are now. Reading what I have written and the only method to my madness is to keep people informed as to how the market is truly fairing and whether now is the right time for them to embark on a real estate journey.

Prepared to write an offer on Santa Clarita real estate

Are you? Some agents make the mistake of going for it when all the preliminary investigations have not been completed. 

The lender is not ready to give a real approval letter. That "real" is versus the fake ones that we get a lot for our sellers' listings.

The problem with the "fake type" is that they don't serve the buyers well and they waste both the buyers and seller's time.

In order to be approved for a home loan, a lot has to take place. A lot meaning a full run of credit, verification of employment, tax returns and other items that a lender deems necessary in order to complete the pre-approval process for a home loan.

Something that we like to do and it has proven to be effective when we are making offers on our home buyers behalf is having all our ducks in a row before hitting send.

In regard to the offer we are making on behalf of our real estate buyer, I want everything to be in place. I want to have a buyer reviewed, understood, and buyer executed offer in hand that has been scanned by professional software so it's not super huge and requires special items to download and view.

That always is a problem when we get offers from agents who are part of the lost generation or those who purposely did not learn the new technology to keep on top of their real estate business.

I suppose the second part of that statement is much more accurate. It matters not age, I learn every day and consider myself very WOKE.

The offer being titled correctly is also important. Using a computer assigned file name is not going to cut it. That is only going to be confusing and cost time for the agent presenting the offers. Or if they are like us, they are going to rename all those offers in which the agents used the default computer assigned names, which wastes time.

We then need other documentation to be attached to the offer being presented. Some agents take all the items that are supposed to be included with an offer and put them in one single mega file.

That is not the best way to do business. At the risk of having a file that requires a special program to open or accessing some obscure online platform to view it, we opt to have separate files for each of the required documents we are submitting on the behalf of our real estate home buyers.

There are several items that are very necessary, each is a verification of the buyer's ability to purchase the seller's home.

PROOF OF FUNDS - If the home buyer states on their offer they are going to put 20% down in the form of a down payment to buy the seller's home, they need to back this up with a bank statement showing the proper amount. There are many different account types that we have seen over the years, including retirement accounts and IRA's. Some are liquid and the money can be taken out to use for the downpayment on a home, others cannot. 

If you are a new agent reading this, make sure you do your due diligence to find out what type of account you are looking at. It may be that the other agent is trying to trick you and the home buyer is going to be using a different type of financing, never touching the funds in the account type they sent you in order to prove 20% down.

How that plays out is an entirely another article, which I will write this coming week.

The other documents that we want to have included with our offering package are going to be FICO scores and a loan approval letter matching the amount we are offering the home seller.

BTW, the amount of the pre-approval letter is important to have match the amount of the offer. The amount in the bank account, as long as there is at least the amount for the down payment contained therein, is not a problem.

In fact, most sellers take their agents' word for it when it comes to the amounts necessary to make the proper downpayments, but the pre-approval letter - that is a biggie.

I'm Connor and I have been selling real estate since 1998. We are the Santa Clarita home experts and we are ready to be of great assistance to you and yours.

Please reach out to us when you are ready. If you want me to write an article or post about something that you desire, hit me on my cell by text at 661.400.1720 and I will get it done.

Connor with HONOR - Out.