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We have completed another Market update for Santa Clarita real estate.  We covered all of the single family residences within the Santa Clarita Valley.  If you want to get your very own reports by email each week you can.  Visit our Main Santa Clarita realty site of Paris911 dot com and typing in the word "reports" into the MacboX without the quotes.

You will be able to choose each individual zip code within the Santa Clarita Valley.  You can also differentiate between single family residences(rendering on this page), and the Condo/town-home report.

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Being able to choose makes all of the difference in the world.  Also it's important to note that you are able to choose specific reports for the property types you are interested in monitoring.  If you are a savvy seller, first time buyer or anyone that is interested in real estate - this will give you the best intel that you will be able to find on the net.  We have hired this independent research firm to compile the real estate data for the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley for our exclusive real estate clientele - Enjoy.

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Onto the Show - the market report for the Santa Clarita Cities have been posted below.  We will do a break down of the Real Estate market for single family residences in Saugus California.  With several homes that we are handling personally with our clients, being in escrow with homes in Saugus, - this "expanded" market report is very timely.

How is the real estate market in Saugus CA?

Within Saugus California real estate this week we have an upward price trend that has been noted.  The median list price this week is $410,000.  We have also noted the median price per square foot is $194.

The prices per square foot are not digested well by most "professionals" that are within the real estate industry.  For areas that don't have tract homes (many homes built with several different models by the same builder), I totally get the price per square foot being amiss.  However, within the Santa Clarita Valley cities - it is totally different.  Realtors should be discussing the price per square foot, more often than not, to their sellers and buyers of real estate.  It is a good gauge to consider when wanting to perform any real estate action in any real estate market.  Click here for our Price per square foot pages for each SCV city.

With an average days on market (DOM) is 106.  The reason for this longer than "normal" time frame is due to the Short Sales that have been flooding the real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  click here for more intel about short sales

Looking at the properties in Saugus CA that have had price decreases from the total homes listed for sale - we have seen that 16% have had their prices reduced during this last reporting week.

Here are the median number break downs for the market update reports that we have just commented on for Saugus CA.

  • Median House Size (sq ft):  2240
  • Median Lot Size:  6501-8000
  • Median number of Bedrooms:  4.0
  • Median number of Bathrooms:  3.0
Be Safe - let us know when we can help you find what you have been looking for.  Also, if you are a seller of real estate - make sure you are interviewing multiple real estate agents before deciding on a single one :)

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Here are the most recent properties listed in Saugus CA in which we are searching for Buyers.  Have a nice day and thanks for subscribing to our Santa Clarita Real Estate sellers Blog. - You can do so, if you have not all ready, by entering your email address in the right margin.  Thanks bunches.

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