Where are we today with regard to Santa Clarita real estate in the cities of Stevenson Ranch CA and Valencia CA?  We have been working in the real estate market since 1998, licensed with the state of California.  When some say they have been working in real estate and cite a year - that typically means that is when they first heard about "real estate" or maybe bought a home themselves :)

Ask those whom you are interviewing for clarification.  If they have been full time in the real estate trenches representing buyers and sellers since the time they quote you - they are being above board.Happy Halloween Santa Clarita

Back to the real estate market updates for the Santa Clarita Cities of Valencia and Stevenson Ranch.

Regarding single family residences for Valencia CA - you will see that there has been an increase in median sales prices to the level of $449,900. If you want to see where we were last week in Valencia CA - please go to our Valencia CA real estate prices pages - located by typing the words "Valencia Prices" into the MaCBoX at Paris911 dot com.  We also have noted an average list price in Valencia CA - for Single family residences at $469,362.

Noticing a "flat" price per square foot level at $207 a foot for Valencia Single Family Residences.  We also place our Price per square footage graphs for all of the Santa Clarita Cities at this link - click here.  You can view the price per square foot changes via our interactive graphs that render all of the Santa Clarita real estate data for your viewing pleasure.

We watched as we recorded a reduction in the Days on Market trends for the City of Valencia CA.  Meaning that inventory is moving a bit faster from listing date to selling date.  We are getting closer to the end of the year and will watch as we typically slow down further in the listing and sales of residential real estate.  Even though we have a lot of real estate buyers out in the world wanting to buy homes - they are going to take actions in order not to have to move during the holidays - for the most part.

Enjoy our real estate updates for the following Cities of Stevenson Ranch and Valencia CA.  Be safe, let us know when you are ready for us to give your home you want sold a walk through.  Hire local agents that are rendering at the tops of the real estate searches that buyers are conducting so your home will be found first!!!

Market Update for STEVENSON RANCH condos and townhomes

Single Family Residences market update for VALENCIA

Market Update for VALENCIA Condos and townhomes

Single Family Residences market update for STEVENSON RANCH