We love to record our daily podcast - as you can see here.  Just click play and surf the other area of the WWW that you want, while we may not be as exciting as some of the "other" websites, you can find, we are local Real Estate agents. (whatever that means).

Watching the real estate market moment by momentThe Santa Clarita real estate market still turns.  Buyers are out in droves, wanting to buy real estate.  The investors of the world, while still ever present, are slowing down a bit.

Click here for our most recent market update reports for the Santa Clarita Cities.

They have done their damage as far as helping with the increase of Fair Market Value prices in our Santa Clarita Valley.

Not all of course - but some have.  Some have waived their appraisal contingency and there are others that don't care how much they are paying as long as the numbers work out.

With all the "developments" as far as loans being relaxed for buyers of real estate, and the monies being divvied to those people in the world who's banks did not allow them to modify their mortgage - It's hard to keep up.

We are so happy with the systems we have put in place and want you to know we are developing new real estate systems to assist those of you that may be wanting to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

We are even developing video's that have to do with some folks wanting to do things, with regard to real estate, that we don't do.

Be safe - search well and let The Paris911 Team at REMAX know when you are ready to roll...