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Inventory in Stevenson Ranch CA - was at an all time High with 174 units active on the market for sale July 11, 2008. Today - Stevenson Ranch CA has 42 active listings on the market for sale. Paris911.com/StevensonRanchInventory

Inventory in Valencia CA - Was at it's all time high back November 30, 2007 at 414 units for sale. Today, Valencia CA has only 91 homes, condo's and town-homes for sale. Paris911.com/ValenciaInventory (that is 3/4 reduction in available inventory.

Saugus California had 296 units on the market on June 20, 2008. Today, in Saugus CA - We have 85 units on the market for sale. Paris911.com/SaugusInventory

Here is the point, buyers in the current real estate world are having issues buying homes. They are pre qualified, they have jumped through all of the hoops with their lenders, with their employers and with scrubbing the World Wide Web in the search for the BEST qualified real estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley. Paris911.com/local

The inventory today is short. It's not even "normal". It is way below normal. We have watched as this has resulted with an increase in median sales prices all across the Santa Clarita Valley CA.

Have a Great Beginning of the week - Be safe - search well and let us know when you are ready for our help.

If you are interested in buying a home in ValenciaWestridgeRealEstate.com - click on the preceding link to see what is currently for sale. We have many such search engines as this one and will be glad to be your guide in today's real estate market in the SCV.