Being real estate experts took the time to develop, having worked with many real estate clients from al walks of life, not just from the Law Enforcement world.  It was not an overnight process.  Some would have you think the real estate representation world is simple.  I suppose it 

Santa Clarita real estate inventorycan be - but those types of "sales people" also think that people can be fooled easily... :(

With my "cop" background and current law enforcement affiliations, I can say one thing for certain, I hate to be treated like a fool, and I know you do too.

Real Estate is not something that should be taken lightly.  In fact, that is why we are with the REMAX of Valencia CA brokerage, because real estate here is always taken seriously.

We are given enough space to be of the best service to our clients, both home sellers and home buyers, but we are also have to operate within certain guidelines.  

Guidelines that have been proven to be the best for any Real Estate buyer or Real Estate seller. REMAX is Number 1 - therefore, it's working :)