We are still compiling the numbers for last week and should have them posted up soon on our topSanta Clarita Listing Agents Blog.  You can check out the latest Market Updates for SCV by going to our Main Website and using the MacBoX.  When you get to Paris911 dot com, type into the MaCBoX the words "Market Update" and you will see the latest posts pertaining to the SCV market updates.

We take our Executive Report Summaries - detailed reports that use the most accurate systems to draw from - and combine them into PDF's.  Once that has been completed - we do seperate reports for the Single Family Residences and another for Condo's and Town-homes.For our Real Estate market Subscribers- we also publish a Video Report where we have accessed and opined about the data which we published.

Publishing the "Sold" data is, for the most part, one of the better ways a real estate market can be deciphered.  We do this on ourSold sites for The Santa Clarita real estate cities.  Here is one of our Real Estate update Video's - This one is for Castaic CA - We cover the condo's, town-homes and Single Family Residences.  We have quite a few past clients, future clients, realtors, and more thatsubscribe to our Real Estate Updates by Subscription. If you are interested - at the conclusion of the below video, you will get transported to our Subscription Page.