We have started to build other "BEST Sources" of real estate intel to keep our clients access points at the tops of the Search engines.

keeping safe your personal and private informationWe do this because of our "hate" in seeing people taken advantage of.  That includes having their personal and private information sold or traded to anyone, including third parties.

Most real estate syndication websites have a privacy statement.  The privacy statement is not "posted Big and Large", it is hidden small and mousey.  Reason being, if you read their privacy statement, you would not use that site again for anything :)

We don't do that. We only handle the clients that inquire.  We leave our search systems unlocked for all to see, use and to get the best in real estate listing data possible.

BTW - our websites, all of them, are fed directly from the Local Boards of Realtors.  It's the MLS - multiple listing service, that the Real Estate Syndication websites cannot get info from.  But, Real Live Agents, can.  That's us.

Be safe - Search well and we will talk soon.