While you may not know this - 234 shows this year, that is quite a feat.

Thank God for the Reader applications and to the Agents on our Team always giving me the intel in conjunction with Paris and mine own experiences in the real estate trenches.

It makes for good reading.  One of the ways we continue on the "right path" is to consider ourselves Teachers. We teach about real estate, how you can get the BEST Service, find the best resources and unveil everything our industry holds most sacred.

By approaching our business in that way, we have found that most of our Santa Clarita real estate sellers and Buyers know more than the average person when they finally make that appointment to meet with our Top Producing real estate team.

That is because, per their own admission and via our websites analytics, they are viewing tons of content, using our Google Custom Search module a bunch, and they are also listening to hours and hours of Radio Shows that we produce.

We answer questions, we field questions, we make sure that those that want "real estate" are well informed.

Be safe - Search well and if you want to find the location on-line to view our Daily Shows, listen to them and read them.  You can go to our Main Santa Clarita real estate website or anywhere that the MacBoX has been placed on our Websites.

Type the word:  Daily into the MacboX to view our latest real estate show.  Talk soon and please have a look at HousingHaven.com, it is one of our newest resources and is quite the bomb...