When it comes to getting local market data - the best options is to use a local real estate agent search.  We have one such option for each city/zip code within the Santa Clarita Valley.  This is our system powered by Altos Research.

On google plus I was speaking about some of the technological resources we use for our clients.  Those things that the Paris911 Team has implemented to keep our real estate buyers, sellers and those interested in real estate, constantly in the loop as far as our local real estate market is concerned.

So, one of those in my circles makes the comment that Altos is expensive.  I explained to her what my clients have said about the system and the service we provide.  Heck, they are continuing to be our clients and that is enough for me.  When we supply the Real Estate market data for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and have people opting in without being asked - we are onto something.

I can also, which I do weekly, break down the reports and record video's explaining the local SCV real estate market and the results within each of the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Each Santa Clarita city is very different and there are large variations in regarding pricing trends.  It could be that in Stevenson Ranch we are heading upward according to the true real estate data.  When looking at Valencia CA we could see a flat or even a declining market when looking at the same period of time.

To have a look at these reports in their entirety - we have those posted at our Santa Clarita Homes and Market Update pages.  Your access is simple.  Head over to the Top Santa Clarita real estate website brand, second to REMAX, and type into the MacboX the words "market update" without the quotes.  Scroll down and you will see the city specific market reports.  Click through twice on the report(s) that interest you to view the full PDF with the breakdown of all Facets related to the Santa Clarita real estate housing market.

Santa Clarita real estate agents

We have reports available for Santa Clarita Valley condo's versus Single family residences.  You can also chose zip codes versus entire cities.  No matter what reports you want and are interested in - you will find that our data is some of the most accurate in the SCV.  Why could that be?  Because our data is not touched or manipulated to influence any type of buying or selling decision.  Our data is prepared by Altos Research while they adhere to strict guidelines.

Let me comment a bit about privacy and your personal information.  I remember back when I may have gotten 4 emails a day - back in the beginning of the WWW. That was on an AOL account, remember those?  Today, I get over 300 email messages a day, 70% are spam, 20% are from clients from the past - present and future - and the remaining 10% are from searches and inquires I have set up related to real estate news and events in the SCV so I can write about them on our Santa Clarita real estate blogs.

I hate SPAM.  Don't get me started :)  It is my mission to let you know that and we will never spam you.  If you sign up for our Daily real estate report in the margin of this blog - then that is all you will receive and you can opt out at any time.  If you enter your personal information into the map above to obtain one of the Santa Clarita market update reports, that is all you will get.  That's it.  We never spam and you can opt out at any time.

Be safe and search well.  Let us know when you are ready for our help with your largest purchase or sale of your lives. :) - Please share, tweet and hit us up on the platform where I am spending most of my free time - that's Google Plus.  My BEST.