How to use a 15 year loan to your advantage when buying a home

When it comes to the BEST Santa Clarita Lender - We have the hook up.  We have worked with some of the top lenders in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We answer the questions as they relate to lending during our buyer briefings held within our REMAX offices.  We talk about the best questions to ask lenders and how their charges and fees work.  You are paying their fee's as part of your closing costs.  However, we get the fact that every buyer in the world wants the "BEST deal" possible.  Unfortunately, that may not be a buyers best option.

It is important to gauge the "success" of the lender your choose.  Will they close on time?  Is the GFE - good faith estimate, they give you worth the paper it has been printed on?  What about the date you go in to sign loan documents - can you ensure that the numbers jive with that you were promised?  Some lenders function in the "Grey Areas".  That can create issues when you are wanting to get some accountability with your home loan.

15 year mortgages are making sense for more and more home buyers and homeowners as rates continue to go lower. A 15 year mortgage may cost slightly more on the monthly payments but they get you to home ownership in half the time of a 30 year loan, which is luring buyers who want to stay in their homes for the long term. Rates are below 3% for the 15 year loan period, a fabulous rate for borrowers.

Here are a few facts about 15 year loans if you are considering your options:

  • 15 year loans typically hold a lower interest rate.
  • The loan gets paid off in half the time.
  • You save a lot of interest over the life of the loan.
  • The average rate for a 15 year loan is currently holding at 2.8%, an amazingly low rate for a mortgage. The downside of a 15 year loan is that you may not qualify for as much money. The positive side is that your payments are higher and the mortgage interest deduction is most likely bigger as well which can save you come tax time.

A 15 year loan is a great savings mechanism for someone who wants to own a property for the long haul. If your idea is to stay in your home for 5 years or less you may as well go for the 30 year loan and have lower monthly payments. In any case more and more borrowers are becoming attracted to the short term loan while rates continue to drop and offer exceptional savings.

Make sure you contact the Paris911 Team at REMAX before you speak with a Santa Clarita Lender.  Even if you are faithful to yours, and we would suggest being so, we will give you the proper questions to ask to get the best deal possible.  If you don't have a lender that you like in the SCV - reach out to us and we will find you a lender.  You can go to the Paris911 Main Website for Santa Clarita Realty (paris911 dot com) and type into the MacBoX - the phrase, "Find me a lender' - without the quotes.  After you do and hit search - we will do just that.  Find you a Reputable Santa Clarita Lender that has "accountability" at their core.