Blogs...  I remember when they were about keeping one's family updated with the current events.  Boy, have they changed.  It seems that everyone has a blog - Whether a family, about a cause, business, sales, education, free advice, and more.  The list goes on and on.

New Content on the SCV Real Estate Blog

Real Estate is no different.  We too have a Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog that we have had since 2007. You would say, as I do, that we were in the game way before the current Real Estate Bloggers.  The attempt is to provide the best content possible.  Be on target with our approach.  Also, not to write crappy content in order to fool the search engines with not adding any value to the visitor.

When I am reading a blog post and the author has taken keyword after keyword and plugged their post or page with them - that gives me no value.  I am sure that the reader feels the same way.  I would imagine that the Blog's owner is experiencing high "bounce rates", if they are watching their analytics report.

By clicking on the yellow square above - you will be taken to our Santa Clarita Real Estate Blog - this system was put into place for the buyers and sellers of real estate within the Cities that compose Southern California.

With many individual property pages - in the Thousands - We can ensure that our visitors are getting value from the content that is created.  We offer tips, tricks and how you can avoid being "sold".