To App or not to App - That is the question in today's Technology Driven Real Estate industry.  What would you rather have - There are advantages to having a software driven application over the need to be accessing the internet at fast speeds.

First and Foremost - the results return faster.  You will be able to view all of the properties by texting SCV to 87778.  You will soon see, after you download our Paris911 Real Estate Search app, that the GPS feature, which most smartphones have, will begin showing you listings as they relate to your current position.

Secondly - The data stream is so much dependent on an internet connection. Yes you need it to download the app, you need it to revise the listing data - but the interface is much more detailed and the data populates your smart phone - BlackBerry - iPhone or other device much faster - Giving you real time Results for your Real Estate Search.

Mobile Searches, yes - including mobile homes.  When you check the Internet Search engine - When "googling" - you will see that searching for Mobile Real Estate - reveals Mobile Homes.  Mobile homes are great - but when you utilize the Real Estate Search application from Paris911 you can search for all types of Real Estate for sale.

What if my phone does not have GPS, Global Positioning System, Capability?  No worries, our Real Estate Search App will work with those types of devices as well.  You will just not have the GPS interface when you are conducting a Real Estate Search.

Search from your smart phone for real estate