Real Estate AlertsWe have built a system for homes and real estate that will keep any homeowner updated with everything that is happening within their own neighborhood.

It's a property/equity notification system that has been refined by yours truly(connor macivor).

We had a problem which was, after we sold a home to one of our clients, there was not a way to keep them updated about market activity within their specific neighborhood or community.

Of course, I could have done it the easy way and kept sending them junk from all around the city they live in, but anyone could do that.

It struck me, real estate owners in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities don't want to get listings or sold homes from just anywhere, they want them to be regarding homes that are like theirs. In the same Santa Clarita neighborhoods as theirs. In close proximity to the homes they own in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Then the light bulb came on and I started a system to monitor real estate for our own home buyers(and others), which have become Santa Clarita homeowners.

Get the Red Alerts for Real Estate


As I have shown on the photo of the page where you will be able to get advised as to what is happening with your own specific Santa Clarita home, condo or town-home, these are what you will be notified of in your own neighborhood.

  • Active listings just listed and placed onto the market
  • Listings that have just entered escrow
  • Neighboring properties which have entered the pending status
  • Any home that has closed escrow and sold
  • Those homes which were unable to sell within the contractual time frames - expired
  • Real Estate which have had the sales cancelled
  • Homes which have been placed "on hold" for any reason
  • Real Estate listings that have been withdrawn from the market

We have the hookup when it comes to keeping tabs on what is going on within your own Santa Clarita neighborhood.

This system is mine - Connor T. MacIvor, you don't have to worry about being spammed, having any of your information sold or traded. It's always kept within my strict and specific custody.

Thanks for taking the time to register your home to receive the housing alerts within your own neighborhood. I'll be here for you and please let me know if you don't receive the initial email. If you don't make sure to check your spam folder for the email titled:

Please share with those who maybe interested in my services. I'll be there for them and for you too!