Santa Clarita real estate agentsWhat does it take to be a top rated team on Yelp for Real Estate in the Santa Clarita Valley?  Doing the best Job at representing clients and asking them to give us a review.

It is quite simple and we have Blessed to have clients that wanted to talk about their real estate experiences with our Paris911 Team at REMAX.

Testimonials should never be over looked, but how much credence should they be given?  Is it possible for someone to deliberately hurt another's business because they in competition with them?  Or maybe it's like the "Blues Brothers" and there is a very angry "jilted lover" trying to get back at someone? I am confident this exists more than we may realize.

New Businesses have come onto the "media" world that watch and monitor the feedback that a business receives.  These monitoring businesses can, for a fee, get into those systems and fix that data and information.  I'd imagine that Yelp would not be able to be "changed", but it could be responded to and commented on with another version of what happened.

If we have done you right - Yelp Us.  We have a business page on Google Too - that would also be nice.  Neither one are necessary but appreciated.  As I told one of our Long Time Clients last week, "To Yelp me is to love me..." - I guess I should have prefaced it with something and not have said it out of the "blue" during our conversation :) ....  His look was priceless though :)