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It is always so enjoyable when I speak to someone on ourSanta Clarita Radio showwho is excited about what they do.You can hear it in their voice clearly.Such was the case withLove Ur Life's Karen Wainie. She has the background of a Law Enforcer. She also excelled in the Academy, getting a perfect score on the Physical Aptitude Test, of 500!The only problem I have is she is always wanting me to do push-ups :-)She demonstrated her drive today on our radio show by herknowledge in her product and her "above the board" client care guarantee.You can visit Karen Wainie's products and personal care websiteto see if she is a good fit for you.Imagine being able to purchase care products directly from a wholesaler.That is worth the visiting of her website on the internet, the e-mail inquiry and the sit down and talk to at a local coffee shop.

I asked what her companies best sellers were amongst their vast product base - Here they are in order of 1-3.

  1. Vitamins- They are Super Duper and totally digestible. In fact, there is a 90 day money back guarantee... Really!
  2. LaundryDetergent. 60 day guarantee here... I did not believe it either until I read it!
  3. Lotion -Who does not just love lotion? In fact, the older I get the more I use - Cannot Wait. 60 day money back guarantee here as well.
A company must believe in their products and stand behind them if theyoffer a 60-90 day guarantee. Try them and if you don't like it you get a refund? That's Nevou in today's world of Customer Service and Client Care being a thing of the past...

If you want to find out how she can save you gobs of money on Life Products -Listen to the Santa Clarita Radio Show!!!Contact Karen on her phone at: 661-753-3583www.LoveUrLife.SaferEarth.netE-mail: