Radio and the term - equates one to the use of "frequencies and signals". We have nothing like that. We are Santa Clarita radio - but an on-line version only.

I don't know very many people that end up contacting our real estate team that listen to radio in their cars anymore. Let alone listen to radio at home. However, I know many people that listen to music and podcasts on iTunes and on the internet via sources like Pandora and others.

Radio has some great shows still. However, most local businesses want to be where people are looking. They don't care about "accidentally" having their commercial heard on the airwaves. They would rather have more of a focus and presence where people are looking for their specific service, brand or product.

To these forward looking business owners, permission to be marketed to or to be found is much better than being an interrupter type marketer. I wish other agents got that little "dilly of a lesson".

That is the "why" behind our "wireless" radio station for the Santa Clarita businesses. We don't charge for this. We don't monetize it in any way, we do it because we get the "giving first" part within any business. Especially how the local Businesses benefit from our presence on-line.

Tuesdays and Thursdays - we are on BTR - Blog Talk Radio. After the show is recorded, our guests can call in if they want, we then do our magic. We plug and post the show via all of our social media channels. We disperse the show to many a Real Estate agent and team. We talk with our friends about your show and display it where literally hundreds of people get introduced to your business and what makes you tick.

At the end of the day, this is a free service. I have had others in my industry of real estate want to know how we have been able to be so successful - I say for them to "give first" and do so without expectation. It works. Be Safe - if you want to follow either of our Radio Shows on iTunes - go to out top real estate website for Santa Clarita real estate and type into the macBoX either one of these keywords

- itunes
- itunes2

Each of those entries will get you to our Santa Clarita radio shows. Dare I call them that? I do - I dare. Whew, look at me living on the edge - who'd of thunk :)