Mobile Real Estate search for Santa Clarita Real EstateQR or Quick Response codes were bought about as a way for "Big Manufacturing" to keep track of inventory.  Today they are popping up everywhere.  However, some don't know how they should be using them in their marketing.  I have read very little about the "how" when it comes to being able to read one.

I have gotten a free app from the iPhone app store - Zappit.  Once you have a "QR code reader" app installed on your smartphone - you are in business.

Have fun with them - you might be surprised what you find when scanning them.  I have been :-)

I have also done a quick youtube video that was just uploaded having to do with this particular QR code to the left of this text.  I walked through Zappit and also darkened the room so you could see what I was doing on my iPhone.

It does work.  I always thought computers were going to catch on :-)