Santa Clarita home ownershipBelow are the numbers we have gathered from this Hump Day Santa Clarita pricing history.  We had derived all of the following information from our Santa Clarita real estate pricing pages.

They are available for your viewing pleasure by you heading over to the main Santa Clarita real estate website and by you typing into the MacboX the word "prices" without the quotes.

You will be able to choose from anyone of our Santa Clarita Valley cities, then you will get to the Graphical representations of price ranges that are reflective on the charts.

You can choose points in time within each of the charts, expand or contract them.  You can also go back in time to the height of the real estate market to see what the prices were and where they have come.

Castaic California Today: $422,665.76

Castaic last month: $419,127.69

Castaic last year: $337,010.76

Canyon Country Today: $$417,263.00

Canyon Country last month: $394,492.23

Canyon Country last year: $332,811.53

Newhall Today: $461,341.30

Newhall Last month: $452,553.80

Newhall last year: $457,211.53

Saugus Today: $485,799.96

Saugus last month: $482,653.80

Saugus last year: $359,563.34

Stevenson Ranch Today: $772,794.23

Stevenson Ranch last month: $816,521.15

Stevenson Ranch last year: $622,721.15

Valencia Today: $512,030.73

Valencia last month: $509,111.53

Valencia last year: $440,642.30